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Well my suggestion would be rather than impeaching the President, you should consider impeaching the Presidency. Introduce pure PR in the House and then let the House choose the President and recall / replace them when ever they want.

The two party system is never good but the American context is particular toxic. The US took a very long time to develop the ideologically distinct parties that we are used to in Europe. So in that sense the two party system in the US is very new. I propose a zero tolerance policy to all whining by supporters of disproportional representation and executive presidencies when they are on the losing end, what ever their ideology. Hilary, Warren Cruz haven't been President (yet?), but extremely divisive figures like Trump, Cruz, Hilary and Warren are just the sort of figures that the American system was designed to put into the Oval Office.

I'm no fan of Biden's Trans agenda or his previous corrupt connections to China, but I say to America's Conservatives you could so easily have ended up with oh some much worse in 2020. When Bush left office in 2008, I don't think many Liberals thought that bare 8 years on they would be looking back to his his Presidency with wistful fondness. W the great preserver of Liberal norms.

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