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I have noticed a disturbing similarity between Hispanic illegal migrant workers the new African slaves. They're both used in agriculture and "domestic" (cleaning, serving, caregiving etc) industries by the wealthy classes for cheap labor to maximize profit, largely in the US South. Both groups are denied basic human rights, legal protections, and economic compensation, and these are often ignored by politicians who are in the pockets of the wealthy interests. Many live on the worksite in sub-optimal conditions.

Of course there are some differences too. For Hispanics this is often voluntary and they often cross the border to seek out these economic opportunities for their financial benefit, but are still being exploited and an ethnic underclass has been created based on cheap agricultural and domestic labor.
As utterly shitty their working conditions are, they are workers and not slaves, just an extremely exploited demographic of workers. The distinction doesn’t diminish the violence and threat of it employed against those who are at either side if the border.

You’ll find that every wealthy nation has its source of cheap labor and plays on an demographic antagonism whether it be race, religion or something else.

However do note that not all hispanics in the South west are newly immigrated Mexicans. There are those who are well established due to the long standing communities which prevailed when they were screwed over in the U.S. annexation.

But just as people tolerated if not outright defended the necessity of chattel slavery as many were so indebted to it economically, so to does the same sentiment prevail among those who benefit from their precarious circumstances.
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