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In the news there's a story about two school boys who were arrested for supposedly "plotting" to carry out a school shooting.

I am aware most of this forum is very Left-leaning, so you all probably don't see the slightest thing unusual about the law enforcement response to this.

But in my opinion (and I would say the opinion of many other more Libertarian-leaning members and those on the conservative Right), the arrest of those two boys was wrong. Not just wrong, but outrageous. This is part of a wider phenomena of school officials and law enforcement being excessively paranoid about any possibility of a school shooting, and students falling under suspicion.

Police arrested 13-year-old Connor Pruett and 14-year-old Phillip Byrd after investigators discovered that the two were plotting to execute a mass killing at Harns Marsh Middle School in Lehigh Acres, Florida.
Phillip's mother, Carrie Tuller, appeared in court on Sunday, where she defended her son.
"He's just a little boy," she said. "He didn't think this was really serious. He didn't think they were serious." ... ing-attack

There are some big civil liberties issues with this. Civil liberties meaning INDIVIDUAL rights. (I know, something many on the Left don't seem to have a strong concept of) I think the type of evidence that was cited has some issues with it, and the evidence is weak.

Very likely they were just kids playing around and talking about doing something like that but who were not serious about doing it.

But school officials and law enforcement are paranoid these days. The kids are probably just innocent and being subjected to this because the authorities are paranoid and fearful. Individual rights are getting thrown out the window.

No one sees the problem here? Notice the idea "having weapons = going to commit an attack".
It doesn't take too much thought to see the comparison that could be made to gun owners here.

I'd like to know what type of gun it was. If the guns did not belong to someone else in the family and the parents did not know about it.

If it was a handgun, maybe we could understand the concern. Not normal for a child that age to have one.
If the gun in question was simply a single-shot rifle, then it is totally outrageous that the children were arrested.

Here's a transcript from a CNN video interviewing the sheriff that was on this case:

"Joining me now is the sheriff of Lee County, Florida, Carmine Marceno. How far along were the boys in this alleged plot and how were they caught?"
"This is a horrible story actually and I'll tell you, when you put all the pieces together, which is what we've done here, we prevented a mass shooting, there's no doubt in my mind. Most importantly, the student that comes forward, the teacher that comes forward, you know, people see it, say it, they make the call... We don't ignore red flags. And that's most important here because if not, I could be sitting here talking about a mass shooting. "So again, how far along were they?"
"Well, the plan had... ah... the plan was in place... They were surfing the black market for guns, they were surfing the internet. They were sensationalized by Columbine - they were inspired - okay... They were all over - the maps of the school, they had maps of exactly where our security cameras were, they knew exactly what they needed to do, and what they wanted to do."
"And how was it that they were caught ultimately?"
"So the student comes forward, talks to the teacher, the teacher calls the school resource officer, says listen, I think there's a gun in a backpack here. Immediately, our SRO [school resource officer] goes into action, takes that backpack and looks for that gun - nothing. Now, he could have stopped there, but guess what? But guess what? We don't. We start talking and interviewing multiple students and one witness says, you know, at lunch, both our suspects were talking about shooting up this whole school. So now we pull the other suspect in and now we find a map. And from there we begin our investigation. Now what does that mean to us? It means we leave no stone unturned. Our real time information center goes into action - We then work, we take search warrants on both houses, and inside the houses, we find guns - we find the gun - we find knives, we find ammo, it all unfolds right in front of our eyesOne of the boys mothers said in court yesterday that her son is just a little boy, and that she didn't think the plans were serious. What do you say to that?Well, my... it's very simple. Is he a child? Yes he is. But when a child, I don't care what age, 13, 14, 15, presses the trigger on a gun, the aftermath is the same. And you know what, unfortunately parents have to be parents, okay... When your child is surfing the web, the net, online, and you go in and you got to see what they're searching, right? And now you see that your child's been watching Colombine shooting narratives, you know, 12, 15 times - and they're inspired by it... They're trying to buy guns online, on the black market, trying to recruit other students and people to help them with their mission, okay... Parents need to be parents... And don't ignore red flags..."

A tip from a Florida student led to a chilling discovery, CNN video, September 14, 2021

The sheriff sounded really bumbling in that video. You can read between the lines, and what the sheriff doesn't say is just as revealing as what he does.

This just confirms to me that they didn't really have any strong evidence. Yeah, sure, it's fine if you want to say that what the boys did was suspicious, but I think it was wrong to arrest them.

Apparently the law enforcement even misrepresented the supposed "gun" they found.
The parents claim it was a BB gun. ... NYSFJBFHQ/

A search of Tuller's home turned up a gun and multiple knives, authorities said. Christopher Tuller insisted his son is not dangerous.
"The rifle they took out of here, it wasn’t a rifle. It was a BB gun," Christopher Tuller told

Just an excuse to try to come up with enough reason to have the boys arrested.

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