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It should be obvious that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has proved what all patriots have been suspecting for a long time: the Left wants us dead. It's that simple.

If you try to protect businesses from violent rioters and looters ... and if they attack you ... you should just die.

When Aaron Jay Danielson was murdered by an AntiFa member in Porland, the Leftists there cheered. Leftist Academics even posted essays justifying it.

Of course, there are decent people on the Left who do not do this, but they're not in charge any more. And probably the people who are nominally in charge -- old Democrat machine politicians and hacks -- aren't drooling for our demise, but they are unwilling to confront the radical activists who are now setting the agenda for them.

This is not a political argument, as in earlier times, over whether we should have a minimum wage or how high it should be, or whether the government should borrow more money to build a highway ... this is a war. Our side just doesn't realize it yet.

But the other side sees it that way, and "in war, the laws are silent". You root for your own side, and look away when your side commit crimes. You demonize the enemy, magnify his crimes, exaggerate his evils, and even invent some. In war, truth is the first casuality.

We have to prepare. Every serious patriot who does not own an AR15 or the equivalent, should get one as soon as possible, plus the usual accessories ( a half dozen magazines, 2000 rounds of ammunition, etc). That's going to cost a couple of thousand dollars, so if you don't have it, something is better than nothing, even a bolt-action single-shot .22. [In fact, in some situations, a .22 or a shotgun is a better weapon than an AR15, because it gives you the option of inflicting less-than-fatal wounds on attackers, which it may be in your interests to do.] (And in general, we need how to wage 'sub-lethal' warfare, the way the Leftist rioters do. This is a subject for another thread.)

Plus, you had better start preparing for a prolonged breakdown of the social/economic/legal order. If you and your family are able to live on your own provisions (food, toiletries, medicines, etc) for a few months, you'll be in a much better position if and when such a situation comes.

And it's not really an expense, since you 'queue' your purchases and consume (now) from one end while from time to time replacing at the other. (First-in, first-out.) Instead of spending several thousand dollars over two years, you spend it all now and consume over two years. (Or, in practice, spend 10% more each time you shop and build up your stores.)

Note that in a real social collapse, you will be under moral pressure to help out less-provident friends and relatives and neighbors. So it's in your interests to get them to prepare now.

Finally, community defense -- both now -- when violent rioting and looting is effectively permitted by Democratic officials -- and in the future, requires organization. Just having a bunch of men with rifles turn up at a spot being targeted by the criminals and the Left is NOT enough. The defenders must have been previously organized into a disciplined group, with a chain of command, auxiliariy support teams (legal, intel, comms, transport, logistics), and have trained for all sorts of situations.

Once your group reaches a size of a few dozen members, with another hundred or two sympathyzers, you will have people with the skills you need: military, medical, engineering, communications.

If there had been such a group at Kenosha -- instead of just a group of well-meaning armed patriots -- Kyle Rittenhouse could have been incorporated into it, and wouldn't have gotten mixed up with the human garbage the patriots were there to defend against. Similarly in Portland, where Aaron Danielson was murdered because he thought he could walk the streets safely amidst the Portland AntiFa vermin.

Some people who seem to know what they're doing in this department are the USCPT.org -- contact them and see if they can help you. I only know them from the web and from email exhcanges and a couple of Zoom sessions, but they seem sensible. They're former Arizona Oathkeepers who are not making the mistakes the original Oathkeepers made.

Start acting now. No one knows the future, but we can be pretty sure it is going to be turbulent. Those who have prepared, and organized and trained with others, will be in a much better position to survive it.
I honestly recommend that you seek medical help.

1) Rittenhouse going to war and murdering people in the process is not a justifiable offense. In Greece, we protest and riot all the time, the citizen takes priority over the state, the state does not have the right to interfere with the communication the citizen chooses to interact with it because the state is there to serve the citizen and not vice-versa. The only way to stop the riot is to find a real working solution to the issue at hand. The option of silencing the citizens with imprisonment is not available in a democratic society.
2) The woke issues plaguing your politics is the direct result of right-wing policies. Extreme individualism, Thatcherism/Reagonomics("there is no society, just individuals") that has fueled the financial hubris of the Anglo Saxon world, over-indulgent consumerism are all the framework upon which wokery rests.

The way to address the discrepancies between the classes and the races is with consensus and a clear mind, not with personal or tribal egotism. That is the road to collapse & ruin.

Lastly, several of you are breaking current legislation of your own and of other countries by calling people to arms against your ideological opponents. Such a thing is expressly forbidden and will not be tolerated here under any circumstances.

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