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Interesting article on how we're not prioritizing medical residencies for American doctors, leaving thousands of them unable to practice medicine.

There Are Limited Spots for Doctors in Medical Schools—and We're Giving Them Away to Foreigners | Opinion ... on-1789324

There's only one profession in which students who graduate from an advanced learning program and who pass all the required exams are barred from employment due to bureaucratic red tape and predatory immigration policies. That profession is medical doctor.

Under the current system, in order to practice medicine, a medical school graduate must match to a residency position at a U.S. teaching hospital. If they don't match and complete their residency, they cannot practice medicine.

Decades ago, earning an MD degree practically guaranteed one could practice medicine. That's less and less the case, as nearly 5,000 doctors heard last week from the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) that they went unmatched. That number includes 2,364 doctors graduating from U.S. medical schools in 2023 or earlier and 2,590 U.S. citizens graduating from international medical schools in 2023 or earlier.

It's not just medicine.
International students account for 81% of the full-time graduate students at U.S. universities in electrical engineering and 79% in computer science, per the report. That could be a contributing factor to the high number of H-1Bs used by U.S. tech companies. This according to according to a study by the National Foundation for American Policy using fresh data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Why would a tech company want high skilled immigrants rather than trying to hire high skilled Americans?
Because the company knows it can pay someone from India or China much less, and the company can work them harder too and they won't complain.
The company has much more leverage over them, because these foreign workers know if they are fired they will be required to go back to their own country, and the best jobs they can get won't even pay half as much.

Even Scientists Can't Find Jobs In America Today - Insider, Gus Lubin, July 8, 2012 ... day-2012-7

Lou Dobbs on Post Docs and PhDs being paid peanuts and exploited through H-1B visas
link to YouTube video

Science, Math, Engineering grads can't find jobs - "Stem Grads are at a Loss", U.S. News, Hal Salzman, September 15, 2014 ... -find-jobs
I don’t know, but if a high schooler can get into college, and takes pre-medical courses to get into medical school as an undergraduate and has an excellent GPA, is it that difficult to get into medical school?

One thing I would see is the cost, and am sure medical school is very expensive, and takes years to complete, is very competitive and scholastically challenging.

But every state university in America has a medical school. All fifty of them. Plus countless of private colleges. Not everyone is going to Harvard or John Hopkins, but it seems if a kid has the funds or scholarship and can put in the time, effort and sacrifice, going to medical school shouldn’t be that difficult for someone who has the motivation, skills and goals to get there. Probably what washes most of them out is the years of study, the cost (and the cost of living to go to medical school full time for years) and everything else.

Many foreigners go to US medical schools because the US has the best medical schools on Earth.
I think it has to do with the price of tuition. An international student might pay more to the medical school than a US native.

The college tuition fees depend on the college or course that you are planning to pursue. They differ from college to college. However, international students almost always pay significantly more in university fees than American students. ... 20students.

Money talks. Universities want more tuition revenue. I know that my university is always asking for alumni donations at least twice a year. They were hit hard during the pandemic so they overhauled the financial department and hired a new CFO.

I found a source for Indian students. The tuition numbers might not include living expense fees which vary by location and those could be 30K or more. International students pay quite a bit more than US students. I see now why my university is pushing diversity and the diversity club. They even hired a person to be the diversity officer, forgetting the actual title. ... ng-in-usa/
Look, many Americans are not willing to work in Republican led states post Dobbs. They're not applying for residencies in those areas, and are competing for a smaller pool of residencies in blue states. A lot of these backwaters have no choice but to look abroad - for doctors, teachers, and others.

These folks also tend to work for lower wages - good news for private hospitals and schools trying to make a few extra bucks.
Concerning Donna, if I was a doctor, I would not provide abortion services because that is murder of a pre-born life. Now if the mother’s life is in jeopardy, yes, but only out of extreme necessity, and I would be well versed of the laws in my state. But I would not work in a hospital offering elective abortions or “gender affirming care” (aka, sex change operations) for minors. Abortion and sex change operations are against the Hippocratic Oath.
What about (if they exist) people from countries like Poland, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh or whatever who were doctors there and came to America and not be able to be a doctor here, so they end up working as a taxi driver or opening up a Subway restaurant. “I was a heart surgeon in Vilnius; would you like cheese or your sandwich?”
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