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The Founders passed laws to keep corps from interfering in politics.

The 14th Amendment was only intended to refer to natural persons.

It was not intended to refer to corporate persons, which concept had been invented around 1590 (IIRC), so that corps could sue and be sued in the courts of England.

The case about did the 14th Amendment also refer to corp persons was decided in about 1880, and the decision was that it only applies to natural persons. However, someone wrote a cover letter and filed it with the decision. So, the next time it came up that letter was accepted as accurate. but it lied. Thus, the precedent that the USSC used for Citizens United (that ended all such laws to keep corps and rich people's money out of politics) was not the original decision, but a lie.

The Founders and the post Civil War leaders knew that they needed to keep money out of politics, so that the people could have a Gov., of the people, by the people, and for the people. That was the original intent.


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