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Negotiator wrote:Oh yes, thats a brand new idea that has NEVER EVER been tried before.

I really dont get why anyone is still falling for this.

They dont attack Trump because he did anything wrong. They've investigated him since forever and still havent found anything solid on him.

They attack him because he'll be president in 2024 again and they know it.

There is evidence of his sketchy financial dealings yet he has not been formally indicted until now. I have no doubt that hundreds if not thousands of professionals have been tirelessly working for years to get charges to stick and I applaud them. Why let a greasy, dishonest man get away with his crimes? Do we want to see Trump cause more trouble in the US? Didn't he do enough damage when he was president? I do not want him to have another chance in the primaries and I am sure that I am not the only American who feels like this. Four years of Trump was enough. Another four would be beyond insanity and beyond simple idiocy....incredibly moronic and extremely idiotic.
Tainari88 wrote:Does this mean that DeSantis is going to be the torchbearer for the Republican party?


Trump could call him "Meatball Ron" from prison and still wipe the floor with him. DeSantis has the charisma of a damp sponge. Everyone, including him, on his team is an idiot for thinking he could run on not taxing gas stoves because it was the Fox News topic of the week. News flash: nobody gives a shit about their stove and they don't think twice about whether it's gas or electric. And if they do, they're not changing it.

If he had a fucking ounce of sense he'd pivot to "America's first autistic president," which would actually resonate with some voters. But no, he's just going to run on being an alien in a speciesist Human disguise, who nobody likes and nobody can relate to except the most hardcore GOP nerds who somehow think standing and waving politely on a stage while ranting about the state of our nation's children's genitals while having the entire law wing of your state goverment get its shit pushed in by Disney's lawyers will make America not see their party as conspiracy obsessed bigots.

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