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Well, folks Ms. Elliot has spoken and she talks about what she feels is the problem with the MAGA crowd.

They fear being treated the way minorities have been treated.

They fear losing power. White old men between the ages of 40 and 75 are the issue. She touches on the reason why the MAGA crowd are on their way of making the same mistakes again. Why Planned Parenthood is being attacked and why White Women are gonna have to produce more white babies.

I agree with some of what she says and I disagree with some other things she mentions. But she sure does have a lot to say about racism in the USA and around the world.

What is your opinion?

what is your take on her message?
Scamp wrote:Black Nouveau.
If there was a show called White Nouveau it would be considered racist and outrage would ensue.
Double standards.

I say all the white people just marry good looking black people and creating mixed race babies, and they marry differing colors and features, they say mixtures are actually genetically a bit stronger than people who marry into the same regional group for generations.

Then in about 500 years and when everyone has been Ancestry and ME tested and you find out the vast majority of humanity are mixed race people and have to accept that everyone and his mama are all in there in his genetic background? All this controversy about blue eyes vs brown eyes, white skin vs black skin, and you ain't white enough, and you ain't black enough, and the Latinos come in all shades and are you a Hispanic or Latin non-white or Hispanic or Latin African, or you are a mixture.

All this is a society who is afraid of social mixing and acceptance of the many as one.

Who cares about this crap folks. Concentrate on what matters. The content of people's characters and making society safe, respectful, united, orderly, creative, and full of hope and promise for everyone. Stability, love, respect and integrity. Good policy.

The final goal is a society that makes everyone feel welcome, integrated, acknowledged and respected. Let everyone have a way of giving back to society and receiving needed support from society.

Living in fear because the Third World people are moving into my neighborhood, or I need to live in a community where the poor I never have to see is problematic. Face reality. You do not live in an island or bubble where you can pay to be free of danger, free of crime, free of loss, or pain or heartache or injustice.

The more solidarity you feel with everyone in society on some level and the ability to be a force for respectful and trustworthy behavior the better for the entire society you live in.

It won't matter if you live in Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, USA or any other nation on Earth. Everyone in every nation's immigration office wants people who are not criminals, who can pay their own way with their labor or their contributions, who are responsible people and who care about the society around them and give a lot of themselves. Everyone agrees in their immigration systems those are the people they want living in their country.

So be that which you want to have in your country. If you are bigoted asshole and selfish and only want good things for yourself and to hell with everyone else in society? You are a taker in the world and not a giver. No matter how much money you have in the bank.

Be an asset to society. Not a burden. And Jane Elliot confronts the ones doing the taking and not the giving. What does it cost you to be civil? Be respectful? Work hard and be accepting and to not worry if someone else becomes wealthy or gets a decent education or a nice home through honest labor? Why should that be a threat to your cushy life?

That is for weak people with total disregard for life. Let others live well and be happy with them and the ones in trouble, do something to help out. It is not hard folks. It never was.
Scamp wrote:
Since you mentioned "content of people's characters", how would you feel if your country had a minority ethnic population of 13% who committed over 50% of the gun crimes, violent crime, and murders?

Skin color is just that, color. Nothing more.

Centuries of brutal racism has had predictable results.
Scamp wrote:Since you mentioned "content of people's characters", how would you feel if your country had a minority ethnic population of 13% who committed over 50% of the gun crimes, violent crime, and murders?

Crime and unemployment, poverty, drug addiction, and instability and bad circumstances go hand in hand in almost all human societies Scampy.

And that is a misstatement to say that all 13% percent (I assume you mean African Americans are all criminals). Most African Americans are not criminals. Most like most other ethnic groups are just working people minding their own business. The core of crime is actually a very small percentage of people in any community that do almost all the crimes over and over again. For example crime statistics in societies that have overwhelming numbers of European or white people such as Finland or Russians or English townships with almost all English people the ones committing crimes in those places are white and English but they are poor, drug addicted, live in areas with few opportunities, bad school districts with low level education opportunities. Do we blame their circumstances on their English heritage? Or nationality? Or do we blame it on their circumstances? Their environments?

Let us take Charles Dickens as an example, he wrote about Little Dorrit, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, Tom Jones, etc etc. His main characters where they English and white? Yes. But where the villains bad guys also white? Yes. Were the heroes like Oliver Twist or David Copperfield white yes. So the whitenss was not the defining factor for being a good guy or a bad guy. Instead the Fagin character in Oliver Twist was an abusive gang leader, exploiting poor street kids to go and steal for him.

Would we judge the entire white English culture by the acts of a Fagin or the other villains in the story of Charles Dickens imagination? Of course not.

But we tend to blame the entire African American community for the actions of a fraction of their population who does commit crime. And we do not think it might be circumstantial or due to lacks in their lives...but because they are inferior morally, ethically or culturally. Why do we think that way? At leat the white society in the USA tends to do that. Why? That is when systemic racism is really easy to spot.

Being human is complex. You got complexity in all nationalities, ethnic groups, economic and social class groups, and in every rank and caste in society. Yet, we do not want to humanize fully the people whom we want to not accept into the circle of complete and open acceptance as fully human. Fully human as we are.

Somehow that group in the racist mind.....is not capable of the achievements, talents, and abilities that we assign to our own social milieus or cultural legacies. Why? Some of it is due to lack of study. We often do not know the history of other people who are not part of our social circles or national histories and as such since we never studied who the great people in those cultures are about? We assume they have no one of any noteworthy accomplishments. But as they say ignorance of the law is no excuse to break the law, ignorance of a group's history is no excuse to think they had no one of any noteworthy talents or abilities to talk about or be proud of. All societies have people of extraordinary talents or abilities. But being able to understand context and circumstances of all people is of extreme importance in order to extrapolate why something either of good value or bad value is happening there.

Context says a lot.

I once debated a very long time ago I think it was in 2002 with a man who said women could never be as intelligent as men in human history. He presented a long list of men who did everything of importance in human history for millennia. Women did hardly anything he said. Which meant they lacked the ability to be great scientists or doctors, or lawyers, or presidents of nations, or leaders, or this or that. Women were therefore innately inferior. He was smug. Women were meant to be inferior in every way because the real evidence says that men are the ones who did the vast majority of every great technological advancement, agronomy advancement, scientific achievement, literary work, etc.

It never occurred to him that women had zero access to a formal education for many hundreds of years, and were denied the ability to vote in democracies all the way up until 1920 in the USA. In other nations up until the mid 1930s in others and in certain nations like Mexico until 1952. Which meant women could not be part of a democratic political process for hundreds of years. Silenced, denied any opportunities, and punished for even aspiring to be given that opportunity.

How could you blame a group for failing to accomplish something that had a bunch of prerequisites for accomplishment built into it and then barring them from getting that environmental or circumstantial-based situation to happen? You wasted the POTENTIAL of all those people. Humanity is based on 2 genders. You basically wasted the potential growth and contributions of 50% of humanity's ability to be creative, problem-solve, be productive, and help make society better because of FEAR and IGNORANCE of what the human group could have done but was denied.

It is an interesting fact, that the more you limit people's rights? The less growth in a positive way is obtained in the world. For all of us. The less you give rights? The less you get the ability to have access to innovation, expansion, and stability.

Yet, people who are scared of a sector of human societies always find ways of restricting the rights of those whom they feel are a threat to their way of life. In the case of racism that is systemic, it has to do with thinking that some sector of society is a threat to safety, to wealth retention, and superior social status.

They fear the loss of something in those three categories. They do not think of changing circumstances or environments as a remedy. Why? Because they fail to allow logic and rationality to govern their decisions. They only believe in some kind of threat. Fear. And selfish innate thing. Only my group is valid in this world. It is impossible that those African Americans, and Latinos. Poor White people who live in trailer parks, Gays, Eccentrics, this or that shit categorization is capable of being as CAPABLE as my group, or my social milieu.

They have to justify their lack of acceptance. In some form.

It is being small and not a very good character.

Toni Morrison said it best when she answered a question about racism and how it affected the group who was discriminating terribly.....she said this:

I agree with her. Racism is learned during childhood and is learned in school and at home. Parents are good at passing along racism and bias. Children will repeat whatever they hear at home.

I remember facing racism on the bus at the age of 8 or 9. I was called "China woman" and it felt like a slap in the face. That will always stay with me. The boy was only a few years older than me. He knew that he disliked Chinese even though he probably knew very little about Chinese.

I have tried so hard to accept other races. I do have a Black friend actually, I'll call him Jack. He's a lot like me, very introverted and serious, more serious than me actually.

I know my parents are racist and they would freak out if I were dating someone who isn't Asian. If he's dark like a Black man, they would freak out as well. If I were to date anyone with dark skin or tan skin, I'd warn him weeks ahead of time and tell him not to be offended. My mom doesn't even want me to mention that I grew up in a bilingual household. I rarely mention it in public anyway. She fears that people will be unkind because of my cultural background. This isn't always the case though.

A lot of cultures teach racism to their children. It would be great if more people could learn to not see color so much. At my current job, they seem to see me and my intelligence, more than my race. They have accepted me as one of the team. It's a first for me. I just haven't spoken about my cultural background yet, not sure how they'd take that. So for now, I won't bring it up.
Rancid wrote:"Everyone should fuck everyone until we're all brown"

That might be problematic with one night stands and stuff Rancid. Got to make sure it is commitment to the brown person and the racial mixing.

Got to make sure the world becomes safe from intercultural problems.

You got to get along with career-obsessed Chinese in-laws, and they have to accept Dominican mothers from Miami playing Merengue tunes during the Christmas season.

They got to not question your professional credentials just because you wear a natural hairstyle and have obsessions with bowel movements and penis campaigns.

They got to broaden their cultural horizons Rancid!

Mother in law has to learn this tune:

You deal with each other's stereotypes and watch Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon (you apologize it is in Mandarin from the mainland Chinese Han culture and then put on some Cantonese stuff with Bruce Lee):

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