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its no qestion TODAY for everyone that the founder of the Mughal Empire was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ! whats most bizarre here, that Hindustan folk always complain about English 18-19c. colonialism , meanwhile they are financing the genocidal Mongol - Muscovite genocidal , colonial wars TODAY !

DO you agree with what Babur about INDIA (Hindustan) : “Hindustan is a place of little charm. There is no beauty in its people, no graceful social intercourse, no poetic talent or understanding, no etiquette, nobility or MANLINESS. The ARTS and crafts have no harmony or symmetry. There are no good horses, meat, grapes, melons or other fruit. There is no ice, cold water, good food or bread in the markets. There are no baths and no schools. There are no candles, torches or even candlesticks.”

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