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For Georgia as one of the leading players in the politics of the South Caucasus region, it is necessary to maintain a balance in relations with other global actors. In particular, with Turkey and the United States. And now there is a rather problematic situation for Georgia in choosing the most important ally.
Diplomatic scandal broke between Turkey and the United States that led to almost complete cessation of reciprocal issuance of visas.
The United States and Turkey scaled back visa issuing services in each other's countries in a deepening diplomatic row sparked by the arrest of a Turkish staffer at the American mission in Istanbul.
The American embassy in Ankara said that "recent events" forced the US government to reassess Turkey's "commitment" to the security of US mission services and personnel in the country.
In order to minimize the number of visitors while the assessment is carried out, "effective immediately we have suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all US diplomatic facilities in Turkey," it said.
Non-immigrant visas are issued to all those traveling to the United States for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study. Immigrant visa services are only for those seeking to live in the US permanently.
Turkey responded by suspending "all visa services" for Americans in the US, saying the measures also apply to visas issued online and at the border.
The deterioration of relations always entails the need to choose a side, and despite close cooperation with Turkey, the government of Georgia will surely side with the US, because it understands that the aggravation of relations with America that is so deeply ingrained in political and economic segments of Georgia can lead to serious consequences. At least in the form of distancing the prospects of Georgia's accession to NATO and refusing of the "best" loans.[imu[/img]
CharlesLonsdale wrote:emmm. Russia?WTF? I didn't say a word about Russia. Maybe that is some kind of paranoia?

You don't have to say Russia for it to be Russian propaganda. Problems of NATO, Georgia, US etc are something that our local Russian bots spam a lot. So your topic is almost perfectly within the standard Russian propaganda cycle that we get here.

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