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By B0ycey

Snake Cummings is at it again and I bet he was egging on Johnson and wasn't the voice of reason at all. Nonetheless he may well have been the worse hire in the history of politics but he may have just taken down the Tory government depending on public reaction and I guess that is what people will remember him of in years gone by. We will have to see what he has to say later at 7pm and how well Johnson can handle it after PM questions (in isolation). But I think the problem Johnson has right now was not so much what he did or didn't do, said or didn't say, but he had wanted to do one thing and acted differently during a time of a need for strong leadership. He was pleading from the perspective of health but wanting to protect the economy and livelihoods instead. That is an indecisive leader who was playing politics for votes and may well anger both sides of the debate given that. I don't know. But what I do know is that Johnson really is now a liability to himself, and given that the pandemic is effectively over as we have now had Freedom Day, perhaps he should resign given he has done what he set out to do. I suspect that Cummings may well have over exaggerated the WhatsApp messages and this may have been Johnson forgetting his words and falling over them again. But even so I do think the UK is a great nation and a country that has lost respect from the rest of the world right now and well on the way of losing the respect of its citizens and Johnson in power is making things worse. Bring on Sunday or even May as it happens. We need to get past populism politics and bring respect to Westminster.
By B0ycey
Well I am skeptical on what he said given he maintained the Bernard Castle incident was about testing his eyesight, but I suspect he was honest about travelling to Durham for security concerns (along with space). It certainly wasn't about childcare but they had to bend the rules to accommodate his actions somehow and childcare was even a stretch when you are talking about travelling the entire length of the country at a time travel was for essential purposes only.

Nonetheless the biggest story to me was he wasn't even sure Brexit would be a success and that he was playing puppet master. Sorry Cummings, BoJo maybe a clown but he is PM and if you don't think he was good enough you should have backed another leader who would have been better. You have no right to be an unelected PM. You are an advisor, nothing more nothing less.

I don't know who I pity more. BoJo or Cummings? All I know is neither are fit for office and neither should be anywhere near power given they surround themselves with "The Worse". And both seem to want power and will back stab their way to it.The scary thing is Cummings was talking about repeating the same thing again with another PM. That or start a new party. Sorry Cummings, no one in politics would hire you now. You're too toxic. Should have just kept to being an advisor. :hmm:

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