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Corbyn said on the Andrew Marr show that he would consider suspending all British involvement in the Syrian Civil War.

Corbyn told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that he believed that “the only solution in Syria is going to be a political one”.

“I want us to say ‘Listen, let’s get people around the table quickly’ and a way of achieving that – suspending the strikes, possibly.”
There is chain voting too.

Wikipedia wrote:If an attacker is able to obtain a blank ballot (by theft, counterfeit, or a legitimate absentee ballot) the attacker can then mark the ballot for their chosen candidates and convince (through intimidation or bribery) a voter to take the pre-marked ballot to a polling station, exchange it for the blank ballot issued and return the blank ballot to the attacker. This is known as chain voting.
Had to look up chain voting since the wiki entry was too brief. I like the title the author gave the perpetrator of this fraud;

In this scheme, the first corrupted voter is paid to go into the polling place and obtain a blank ballot. But instead of marking and casting that ballot, this voter sneaks that blank ballot out of the polling place and gives it to the boss man in exchange for payment. After that voter has departed the scene, the boss man then marks the blank ballot to his liking, and gives it to the next corrupted voter. That corrupted voter is instructed to go into the polling place, obtain a blank ballot, but hide it in his/her pocket. That voter then deposits into the ballot box the ballot that was pre -marked by the boss man. That voter then sneaks his/her blank ballot out of the polling place, gives it to the boss man, and receives his/her payment. From that point on, the cycle continues with as many corrupted voters as the boss man can entice.
It's a better description indeed. I didn't really invest much in finding the best description though because I just wanted to make a hint. Chain voting and photographing ballots are very popular in Hungary, one of PM Orbán's right-hand men Gábor Kubatov could tell a lot about them and other ways of manipulating elections.

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