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You could sell your vote, take the picture/ chain thing and then spoil the ballot. That's a loophole the voter can abuse and the PDF I quoted above talked about using a ticket stub. The poll booth gives you ticket pofo99 and makes sure you return ticket pofo99, the ballot is in an envelope so it's still secret and they snap off the stub so no one can trace your vote later.
Ter wrote:@AFAIK
Thanks guys.
You know more of those corrupt practices than I !
Thanks for looking it up.

You should educate yourself on illiberal democracies, especially if you mean to be a supporter. ;)

Britain is lucky though that they don't need such practices to elect Mrs. May. It's more than enough for her to get elected by an overwhelming majority that she's old, ugly, mediocre, conservative, arrogant, and childless. BBC is still fond of her as second female prime minister and her husband behind her.

Lovely couple indeed.

Ter wrote:I assume you do not like any of those qualifiers.

I especially don't like them combined. Those attributes qualify the core base of the Tories and Brexiteers as well as foreshadow how post-Brexit Britain will be.

Ter wrote:So you would prefer a politician who is young, good looking, distinguished, progressive, humble and with children?

Yes, I would. Justin Trudeau could be a good example, although I'm not sure if he's humble.


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