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Thunderhawk wrote:Can I get some clarification?
Is the Hungarian banning of same-sex marriage part of a package of anti-gay laws (homosexuality = sin, fines, prison, etc), a looking the other way when others act badly towards gays (violence, no-cause firing, etc) or is it no recognition (no gay marriage and no adoption) ?
Hungarian state views being a kin to 1980s USA or 1940s Germany is quite the difference, degrees mater.

What level was József Szájer involved in the above?

A number of Nazis had hidden homosexual preferences. Szájer apparently falls into that pattern. I don't believe that homosexuality is illegal in Hungary, but the general climate created by the governing party is obviously hostile towards gays, which drives gays underground and makes them subjects to blackmail. In a country were homosexuality is accepted, Szajer wouldn't have had to resign.

He's a founding member of the governing Fidesz party and participated in drafting anti-gay legislation.
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