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BREAKING : EU Parliament wants to call for a Nord Stream 2 construction freeze because of Navalny. "responsible for attacks on members of the opposition

Finally, EU started to act like it should have from very beginning!

Great News!

"After the Russian attack on Navalny we also have to talk about the energy issue," EPP parliamentary group leader Manfred Weber told SPIEGEL. “This is the most powerful instrument we have. And the Nord Stream 2 project is therefore one of the ways to generate further pressure, «said the CSU politician. "Mere appeals to Russia are not enough."

Source: ... valny.html

In addition to the construction freeze on Nord Stream 2, MPs are also calling for sanctions against "natural and legal persons who were involved in the decision on the arrest and imprisonment of Alexej Navalny". Those responsible for attacks on members of the opposition, "Russian oligarchs", "members of President Putin's inner circle" and "media propagandists" should also be sanctioned." ... valny.html
"Western Companies Abandon Russia-Led Nord Stream 2 Project"

“Nord Stream 2, if completed, would give Russia the means to completely bypass Ukraine, depriving Ukraine of vital revenues and opening it up to further Russian aggressive actions, while providing the means to use natural resources as a tool of political pressure and malign influence against western Europe. Today’s announcement demonstrates that the United States is not afraid to hold accountable those who continue to aid and abet this tool of Russian coercion,” the U.S. Department of State said.

The first German firm to withdraw from Nord Stream 2, German tabloid Bild reported on Tuesday, citing letters of Bilfinger, it had seen.

Bilfinger was contracted to deliver safety and process control systems for the pipeline in an order worth US$18 million (15 million euro), according to Bild.

Another company withdrawal, Switzerland-based Zurich[/highlight]Insurance Group has terminated insurance coverage for Nord Stream 2 that was sanctionable under the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021, Zurich Insurance’s spokesperson Thomas Baer told Russian news agency TASS on Tuesday. ... oject.html

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