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By B0ycey
A very British affair that is rumoured to become a Netflix series in the future.

For those who don't know, two food chains are going to court over the intellectual property of a chocolate cake roll. That is right, even cake rolls have an IP. Unfortunately if this case was won we would have an issue with all budget food lines like Coke, Digestive Biscuits, Corn Flakes, Fondant Cakes and basically anything else that also has an IP and has a similar supermarket branded line that is besides it. It should also be noted that you would have to be a moron to walk into a budget supermarket and think you were buying a premium food line in any case which is where the court case argument lies. Which is why every commentor thinks this case will go nowhere as they haven't challenged their IP against other supermarkets for thirty years. But even so, the twitter war between both supermarkets are amusing and I think this story has far to go. So here is a thread page for the Cuthbert the Caterpillar Vs Narks and Snitches upcoming court case.
My brother told me about this at the weekend. Absolutely 100% on Aldi's side, even if they are - gasp - German.

After all, they've been doing cheap knock-offs of everyone else's brands for decades without anyone caring. "Split pots" instead of Muller Corners, "Red Thunder" instead of Red Bull, "Nutoka" instead of Nutella. The list goes on. Claiming a chocolate log cake with a face is somehow unique to M&S is ridiculous. Fuck you, M&S, you poncey knitwear-flogging cretins. *shakes fist* :excited:

B0ycey wrote:Narks and Snitches

I’d never be on Aldi’s side. Their food is crap, which is why it’s cheap. You can save money in any supermarket by buying cheap versions of decent brands, which is what I do when it doesn’t matter.

The cake is definitely a rip off of the marks and Spencer one and I don’t see why Aldi should be able to pinch their design.

Let them invent a sammy the slug cake, or something.
Not only does this lawsuit provide great brand awareness for this caterpillar-shaped product; it also is being handle astutely by each company's social media strategists. If it gets its own Netflix show, as suggested, then it would even further the brand awareness, but also, the viewer would be able to viscerally choose sides; an act which creates brand loyalty, because the consumer gets to participate directly.
A win-win for both sides, regardless of the results.

Just in the brief amount of time I spent reading this I learned about the innovation of the creators of the OG product, and I learned, as a consumer, that Aldi sells products cheaply.
Aldi and the other one , Lidl, are very popular, though I’ll never know why. There’s a small Aldi near the station I used to use, so I called in for some tomatoes once which went mouldy within a week.
They do sell some branded products, but they’re very expensive and there’s not much choice.
Everyone knows they’re cheap.
People often brag about how much money they save by switching from their usual supermarket, when all they needed to do was buy cheap versions.
If I want crap, Tesco sell it, too. Plus they do good special offers.

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