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Interesting read on how gangs are now so brazen they will follow surviving victims to hospital to finish them off.

I found this part particularly disgusting:

"Some are not meant to kill, though; gangs sometimes go in for "bagging", which is when they stab the victim in the rectum, so that they need a colostomy bag for the rest of their life. This is meant to be the most humiliating punishment."​

Gangs are menacing London hospitals - UnHerd ... hospitals/
Usually when there is a gang-related incident, there are stabbings on both sides. Hospitals go to great lengths to ensure members of rival gangs are taken to separate trauma centres. But sometimes a mistake is made — or both victims are too unwell to reach another hospital — and they end up in the same place. Either way, if gangs are determined to take their feuds into hospitals, there is not much we can do.

The street fight continued at the trauma centre because the two rival groups were taken to the same hospital by mistake. Probably hospital staffers in London are too exhausted from fighting Covid-19 and they cannot pay attention to details nowadays. They usually make sure that members of rival gangs are taken to separate hospitals. There were stabbings on both sides and you never know which one was the victim.
England is out of control in terms of crime. It's a really scary country these days. No, immigration has very little to do with it. It makes me laugh hearing people from abroad talk about how easy life in the UK is or how it has no problems. Alright mate, come here and see :lol:.
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