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By Scamp
Daily Mail wrote: Undersea cable connecting Norway and Arctic satellite station is mysteriously damaged.
An undersea comms cable connecting Svalbard and mainland Norway has failed
The disruption could prove disastrous as there is now only one connection left
If the other cable fails, the island will be completely cut off from the mainland
The cables power a huge Arctic satellite station and bring internet to Svalbard
It comes as Britain's most senior naval officer warned that Russia may look to cripple such vital undersea communications wires supporting the UK
An undersea fiberoptic cable which provides vital internet connection and communications links between mainland Norway and the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean has mysteriously been put out of action...
The leader of the UK's armed forces warned that Russian submarine activity is threatening underwater cables that are crucial to communication systems around the world - and that cutting these cables would be an "act of war".

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin described the undersea cables as "the world's real information system" explaining that they transmit internet data and that damaging them could declare war.
Quote your actual source. I can find nothing aside from "threats" that Russia could do it.

They have not.

They did the same thing 6 years ago(2015).

This is a NON-story, but I can see why you'd like it, since the source is from one of the most unreliable outfits out there and it's a heavily right-wing British rag.
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