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LOL people in this thread actually believe the sanctions on Russia are a "success" ? ROTFL ! :lol:

- Sanctions do jack shit and always did jack shit. Cuba is unter severe sanctions since the 1960s. Didnt change a thing. They're still a democratic communism. No matter how much the USA whines about that and classifies them as a terrorist state. While being unable to link Cuba to any terrorist act, ever.

- Sanctions only hurt regular people, never priviledged people or the government.

- Sanctions violate international law, unless ordered by the UN. So all veto powers - USA, UK, France, Russia, China - will never see sanctions that are actually legal.

- The USA is complaining that Russia is violating international law with the invasion of Ukraine, but they had no trouble violating international law by staging a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and or now by illegally sanctioning Russia.

- Either way international law is a JOKE. There is no court you can go to if international law is violated. The USA is violating international law all the time and never faces any consequence whatsoever for it. Nobody tries to illegally sanction them or anything.

- Maybe the sanctions hurt Russia, sure. The sanctions on Russia definitely hurt the west, too, though. Anyone who has no financial reserves, and thats quite a lot of people in many places; the majority of the US americans, actually.

- The sanctions on Russia, which block their food, fertilizer, gas and oil exports, will cause probably hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries to starve to death - by experience, many of them children.

So we shoot ourselves in the foot, HARD, for questionable effects on the russians, and its safe to say it wont change anything about russian politics at all.

Some success story indeed. Archieved nothing of actual value, seriously hurting ourselves, even more seriously hurting developing countries. You have to be really stupid to believe thats a "success story".

Well, on the plus side, India profits. They buy russian gas and oil cheap and sell us the refined products, but more expensive. So we violate our own sanctions and just pay extra for it.

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