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Germany is now overrun with migrants and the capital Berlin has run out of shelter space for them.

There are 10,000 asylum seekers trying to go to Berlin, and an additional 11,000 Ukrainian refugees this year who fled Russia's war. Berlin only has about enough space for 1,000, but will soon be converting a hangar at an abandoned airport into an emergency shelter. The government will also be renting out hostels in the capital for the migrants. (This might mean there will not be enough room for young tourists trying to find a place to sleep for cheap)

Another problem is there are also not enough places in kindergartens and schools.

The lack of space and money for migrants and Ukrainian refugees isn't unique to Berlin. It's a problem across Germany, where local and state officials have been demanding more funds from the federal government without success.

Germany has already taken in more than 1 million Ukrainians since the outbreak of the war in 2022.

While Germans welcomed asylum seekers with flowers, chocolates and toys when they first arrived in 2015, and many opened their homes to house Ukrainians in 2022, the attitude toward new arrivals has very much begun to change since then.

"After two years of the [COVID-19] crisis, then the Ukraine war with its increasing prices for basically everything -- heating, gas, also food -- it's sometimes pretty tough to convince people that they have to share places and capacities with people who just arrived."

Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany party now polls in second place nationally with around 21%, far above the 10.3% it won during the last federal election in 2021, indicating an increasing percentage of the German population do not want the country to take any more migrants.  

In June, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz defended plans to stop migrants from entering the EU altogether until their chances of getting asylum have been reviewed, arguing that the EU's existing arrangements on sharing the burden of asylum seekers among the different European countries is 'completely dysfunctional.'

Shelters for migrants fill up across Germany as attitudes toward them harden, Kirsten Grieshaber, LA Times, September 28, 2023

Oh right - THAT is our problem.

Not our riddiculously high energy prices and the resulting deindustrialization.

Or the rampant inflation, especially of food prices. The government claims with a straight face that its only 11% inflation, which is absurd.

What was I even thinking.

Migrants, thats when the fun ends !
Oh, and even funnier:

The majority of ukrainian migrants are:

- Young

- Female

- Christian

... so how are they are much of a problem ???

Young christian woman ! The horror ! How could we ever tolerate them in our midst ! :lol:

Even more so since ukrainian woman are famous for their beauty.

It also seems like, since the majority of them doesnt learn german, so they clearly plan to go back to Ukraine once the war is over. Even less of a problem.

And, again, yes they might cause additional costs to the german state. But they hardly appear in public and they dont change the life of the average german.
WTF ????????? :eek: ... a-102.html

Biggest problems of Germany, according to a poll of germans:

44% - Migration
18% - War
13% - Pensions
11% - Economy
10% - Inflation
10% - Taxes

(Tagesschau is the most important german news show. Its state funded)
Negotiator wrote:Even more so since ukrainian woman are famous for their beauty.

Well, Ukrainian women are not too different from German women.
With Ukrainian women, there are some extremely beautiful ones, but also some not so attractive ones. I would postulate that the statistical spread between attractiveness levels is greater than that for German women. (I am not sure how much this would matter)
The one way Ukrainian women are different is that they act more feminine. A larger percentage of them have not been corrupted by feminism. This is more attractive to many men.
(although radical feminism certainly has taken root in Ukraine)

There are some genetic differences in personality type as well. German women are a little bit colder, though both can be rather cold. The more "Russian-slavic" Ukrainian women are more fatalistic and hold cynicism. They are likely to try to use a man, and harbor passive aggressive resentment. I think there are probably some "Swedish" genes (15-20%) in the Ukrainian gene pool as well, perhaps from ancient Viking treks, which is sort of similar to German but more goofy, athletically outgoing, and more independent.
Germany: Students left homeless as winter semester begins

Amid a worsening housing crisis, tens of thousands of students in Germany have been unable to find accommodation for the start of the new academic year. International students are particularly badly affected.

As the temperatures drop and students head to universities for the start of the winter semester in Germany, tens of thousands of undergrads and postgrads alike find themselves without long-term housing and little to no prospect of a bed in student dorms or a reasonably-priced flatshare.

As a sign of just how bad the situation is, the Student Association in the central German city of Göttingen has rented a hotel where students can stay at reduced rates for the first couple of weeks of term. In Munich in southern Germany -- where students have to shell out an average of E720 ($760) a month in rent -- one camping site offered homeless students the chance to camp out at reduced rates.

Earlier this year, a study by the Eduard Pestel Research Institute found there to be a shortage of more than 700,000 apartments in Germany, especially in the affordable segment. And rents have risen dramatically, first and foremost in the big university towns.

Germany: Students left homeless as winter semester begins, by Helen Whittle, Deutsche Welle, 21 October, 2023

Dont get me even started on how awful the state of public education is here in Germany. *missing an angry smiley to put here*

Back in the 1970s Willy Brandts government introduced BaFög, which is money students get so everyone who has talent can study.

Ever since it got sabotaged and sabotaged, over and over.

Now its a credit and not even one of good conditions. While getting good jobs is harder and harder.

So now, unless your parents are wealthy enough, you wont get to study.

Thats nothing new though. Really just business as usual.

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