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As a result of growing tensions Armenia suspended it's participation in the CSTO (Moscow colonial organization) I EU: visa liberalization FOR Armenia

NATO is growing while the Mongol - Moscow ulus ( empire ) is shrinking :lol:
Kazakhstan next !?
Chinese academic Deng Xize : "No more Mongol-Muscovy style empire: Thoughts on the war in Ukraine, The global reaction to the war in Ukraine in fact shows that such empires will no longer be tolerated."​
The Mongol-Muscovy style empire could be defined as a dominating, rapacious empire upheld by violence, especially unruly violence, and exhibiting three prominent characteristics.

First, it uses unruly violence as a regular means of resolving international disputes. While violence is common and sometimes necessary in political or social governance, rules have been set for its use under a modern lawful democratic system. Unlike in ancient times, the use of violence now comes under heavy restrictions and is “predictable”. Such an evolution also applies to international relations.

France stepped in

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