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UK study finds young adults taking longer to find work than preceding generation

The proportion of U.K. graduates who found work straight out of university fell by nearly 30% between those born in the late 70s to those a decade younger.

This comes from a study conducted by a researcher at the University of Liverpool.

People born in the late 1980s who did not attend university were almost twice as likely to experience a turbulent start to their working lives, characterized by periods of unemployment, part-time employment, and inactivity, compared to those born in the 70s.

Those born between 1985 to 1990 experienced more complex and unstable transitions into the world of work, even among those who ended up having successful careers, reflecting increased uncertainty in the labor market and the rise of "patchwork careers."

"Our findings suggest that the distinctive British early transition from school to work, whereby the majority of British young adults go straight from compulsory schooling into the workplace, was still prevalent among those born in mid-1970s and 1980s."
"It is striking that nearly all young people born in late 80s have experienced some sort of instability during their school-to-work transition, even those who would ultimately be considered successful in their careers a decade after finishing school."
"Our findings fit with wider research that shows millennials are reaching milestones once considered to be the markers of adulthood, such as marriage, home ownership, and stable employment, at a later stage than earlier generations."

Dr. Alina Pelikh, published today in Population, Space and Place ... ation.html , April 17, 2024

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