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Modern liberalism. Civil rights and liberties, State responsibility to the people (welfare).
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By Siberian Fox
What is Liberalism?

Liberal parties will differ from country to country but generally speaking they will share most of the following values:

  • Pro-free trade/globalisation
  • Pro-capitalist
  • Pro-choice
  • Small government*
  • Individual rights and liberties
  • Equal opportunity - especially education and heathcare for all.
  • Anti-war

*Whilst Americans might see Liberals as for "Big government" because of progressive-interventionist social policies, it must be considered that American politics are considerably to the right of many (most?) other countries. Relative to socialist parties (of which the USA has none of significance) the aim of Liberal ideology is to keep government out of people's lives. For example, Liberals would not favour nationalised industry.

Liberal Parties

[url=]Democratic Party (USA)

[url=]Liberal Democrats (UK)

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