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Sivad wrote:Lowering Healthcare Costs: Supply and Demand

Increasing Supply:

1. Increase the number of medical professionals. Unemployment among healthcare professionals remains near 1%, far lower than any other field. Increasing the number of medical, dental, and nursing school seats in the US will increase supply over time, creating more balance in the healthcare work force and driving down wage increases.

2. Shorten the length of medical school. Doctors in the UK and other countries finish their medical education in six years or less before going on to training programs (residency), while US doctors spend eight years between college and medical school. Accelerated six year medical programs exist in the US, and there is no evidence that their doctors’ education suffers as a result. Shortening medical, dental, and pharmaceutical programs to six years will increase the supply of practitioners, and decrease the starting salaries they demand since their schooling and debt burden are lower.

3. Doctors aren’t needed for routine healthcare. Nurse practicioners, midwives, pharmacists, and other medical providers can provide much of the routine care needed. National laws (or at least guidelines) making it easier for these practitioners to do their jobs will further increase the supply of qualified medical professionals, driving down prices.

Those are great suggestions Sivad.

I also would suggest just getting people with fine characters who have good grades and want to serve their communities to have them subsided and get free medical school educations. Keeping the doctors as only wealthy background people is not a good thing in the long run. For anyone.

Debt that is massive discourages a lot of potential doctors from pursuing the profession. Not having some insurance company tell a doctor they can't talk about the patient's health more than fifteen minutes is just inhumane and bad medicine.

Old fashioned doctors from the past used to see the same patients over years in the same communities. They understood their needs and formed attachments to the results for their patients. All these anonymous doctors with no real stake in their communities trying to get rich is damaging to what the purpose is for practicing medicine. Which is to do no harm, to help seek cures and remedies for disease and contribute to advancements in medicine.

Prevention is key.

Nurtitional educations and basic exercise sciences should be required for all doctors.

They should be studying drugs, and medicinal plants, and nutritional experts from all over the world. Not just prescribing some pharmaceutical drug for a symptom created by a patient's bad habits.

The patient does better if they are supported and have a lot of social circles running by their home everyday to say, "Sivad let us go swimming today. Let us bike ride today. Sivad, I got your favorite water bottle and some cold water and your favorite fruit to eat afterwards, I got your favorite musical tracks to walk to...etc. Come on darling Sivad, let us go out for a can stress later...."

People need it Sivad. They need that inclusion, a plan, and social partners in exercise and some nutiritional planning. I like the idea of some families taking turns cooking healthy meals every week to support the chore of deciding on that..menus tire people out. If it is shared? More success.

I do that a lot. Now? I have people dropping by my house ALL THE TIME. Non stop. Soon? Won't have time for at all anymore.


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