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Protesters Set Fire To Guatemala's Congress Building

Anti-government protesters stormed Guatemala's congressional building on Saturday afternoon and set fire to it amid increasing frustrations with the government over a new budget that would slash educational and health spending, reported

Videos on Twitter show hundreds of protesters cheering outside the building in Guatemala City as it erupts in flames.

BBC reports, "fire services have managed to put the fire out, but the extent of the damage is not yet known."

The incident comes as thousands of demonstrators lined the front of the National Palace in Guatemala City. They say legislators secretly passed a budget for the next fiscal year during a period where the country was distracted by recent hurricanes (Hurricane Eta and Iota) and the virus pandemic. They also allege government officials prioritized infrastructure projects to companies with close ties with the government, adding that the new budget neglects to allocate monies for social and economic programs to help the working-poor amid the virus pandemic. ...

So it appears that many people in Guatamala (including the Catholic Church there) don't like the upcoming budget and decided to do something to "change" it.

Guatamala is one of the small countries in Central America that constantly receives "governing assistance" from the USA - which, I guess, is known for its excellent governance all over Central America?

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