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Look @Patrikov I only want one man and one woman and one vote for every nation. If the majority of a nation want some right wing elitist in charge? So be it. But the vast majority of the nations of Latin America, Africa, and many nations all over Asia are not rich or elitist. If they are not rich elitists? In a democracy they need to be the ones with power. That is if you believe in majority rule. If you don't? Just say to hell with democracy. I love plutocracy and a few with money call the shots. Stop filling your mouth with democracy. You can't criticize nations who want majority democratic votes. If it doesn't go along with some Imperialistic violent horrific government like the USA's govt is about? Then get the hell out. You have no right to be dictating to other nations.

Bolivia is a majority Indian nation. If you don't like Indians and live in Bolivia? FUCK YOU. That is my message. Lol. To the Bolivian assholes like Janine pendeja.
JohnRawls wrote:The fair election has been held and Morales is not in power or in charge as the rules of democracy demand.

So you're saying that "the evil one" was removed, and "ye olde constitution" was saved?

And the recent assasination attempt at the new MAS leader is - what - just a healthy attempted witch-burning? Nothing to see here, OAS and commercial media have done their magic to another corner of their backyard.
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