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Wael El-Manzalawy wrote:From my legal knowledge, the United States has the legal right to get back all the aids that it gave to some countries that didn't behave according to the conditions of the aids in addition to the compansations that the legal experts estimate.

lol whut? No.

That said, the US never gives out aid without anything in return anyway, so the US already gets what it wants from the aid up front. Thus, it doesn't have to "take it back".
pugsville wrote:Yes, Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

It;s how people like you become the way the are,. believing utter BS.

Explain how t he Nazis were woke. You cannot you just post crap with out understanding.

Are you drinking again?

Why do you do this to yourself?
Unthinking Majority wrote:Depends what the agreement was.

String are always attached to "aid". Sometimes those strings are foolish as fuck. For example, paying Pakistan to fight terrorism. Pakistan would simply kill some lower level Taliban mother fucker, tip off the leaders so that they can get away. This way Pakistan can say "Look! we are killing terrorists! give us more aid!". At the same time, they don't actually destroy the terrorist networks, because well, that's bad for the income stream from the US. :lol:

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