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By Oxymoron
skinster wrote:No, he's not doing a "better job". American terrorist troops are still on the ground in Syria occupying its land and stealing its oil and Trump's sanctions on the country continue to kill Syrians. You think a destabilized state of Syria is not in the interest of Israel or the U.S.? Then explain why they're carrying on its destruction and making it difficult for the country to rebuild from the war that was made on it.

This is better for the US getting Oil which we need is never a bad thing, I rather have that then what Obama was doing: letting ISIS grow.
The US and Israel did not cause the civil war; Assad bad decisions led to the civil war. Now that it is on, the US must balance its interest with stabilizing Syria.
For example if ISIS took over, it would be more stable but not good for Israel or the US... the fact is Assad is not in our interests, we want the opposition to take over, at least a divided government. I was just saying I am surprised something was not worked out already between the conflicting powers.
By skinster
^ You sound as though you think that oil will go to you. Obama did let ISIS and co grow but Trump hasn't stopped it, that work has been done by Syria and its allies defending themselves from groups like that, which were armed/funded/trained by your government, amongst others. But that's nothing you.

For example if ISIS took over, it would be more stable but not good for Israel or the US...

Israel has been aligned with ISIS type groups in Syria, not to mention it's an ally of an ISIS-type leaders (in the form of the Saudi monarchy). Nethanyahu has been seen on film at Israeli medical tents that were treating some of these Islamist fighters in the Golan before sending them back to Syria to fight the SAA.

And Syria wouldn't be more stable with an ISIS takeover, I have no idea what you're basing that off.

Some updates:

By skinster
^ everyone is ignoring that article with leaked reports on just how much the British government and its contractors were involved in making war on Syria.

By skinster
In an important new interview with The Grayzone‘s Aaron Maté, the first Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has revealed new insights into the way the US exerted control over the Organisation in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion and the suspicious way pro-US narratives appear to be dominating controversies in the supposedly impartial OPCW to this day.

The most significant piece of new information revealed in this interview with the acclaimed former OPCW chief José Bustani is his assertion that while the US was orchestrating his 2002 ouster due to the risk he posed of derailing the Iraq war agenda with successful negotiations, his office was packed with hidden surveillance equipment and that his American head of security vanished immediately after this was discovered. ... -iraq-war/

Ex-OPCW chief defends Syria whistleblowers and reveals he was spied on before Iraq war
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