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IMPORTANT CONTEXT: THIS THREAD IS A RESPONSE TO A CHALLENGE BY @Oxymandias, in viewtopic.php?f=32&t=171533&start=80.

Oxymandias wrote:Alright how about this, I'll agree with you and make the assumption that the US can in fact conquer and effectively occupy Iran to such an extent that it can effectively rebuild it so you and I can discuss exactly how an American colonial government will function while I will, in the mean time, find out a really GOOD reason for why America cannot possibly occupy Iran effectively and debate with you on that.

The game's yours my friend. Let us discuss with wine.


Oxymandias wrote:I have been patiently waiting for a pretty long time now. Also you have to call colonized Iran the American Shah. That is mandatory and the discussion will not continue without it. I think such a discussion will benefit us both. It'll let me describe how I think Iran should currently function while you get to describe how America's hypothetical colonial governments would work.


[PART ONE] Preliminary Thoughts That Were Submitted and Accepted By Oxymandias.

I. Methods of Colonization and Conquest.

Before I begin, let me be clear that there are several methods of conquest and colonization that have been independently pursued in the history of the world. I will describe such now, in brief. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list.

1. Violent Genocide (self-explanatory).

2. Permanent Humiliation (think Carthage).

3. Total Conquest, Exilic Displacement.

This was actually a common method among old empires such as Babylon and Assyria, but also among the Romans. This method conquers a people and exiles its natural inhabitants to other parts of the world, leaving the region either barren, or the empire will import new populations as a replacement. Often this means enslaving the exiled population, but it can be a simple exile that prevents them from returning, or, even a diasporan scattering.

4. Total Conquest, Non-Violent Genocide.

This was a method employed by many Germanic tribes in Northern Europe and entailed subjugating a population, killing or enslaving the men, and taking the women for reproductive uses. The net effect is that the patriarchal rule of a nation is broken and the women (and their subsequent offspring) are absorbed into the conqueror’s gene pool.

5. Settler Colonization.

This method imports settlers under the protection of an empire to a region, the settlers cope with the native populations and displace them if necessary, and violently if absolutely necessary. That which belongs to the settlers belongs to the Empire.

6. Authoritarian Colonization.

The conquest of a region which is followed by a specialized and predominantly military occupation. (the British Raj would qualify under this). Such a colonization makes use of existing native infrastructures, but under the authority of the colonial office and the military. The importation of imperial peoples to the occupied land is usually of temporary laborers, soldiers with their families, businessmen, and specialists (like archaeologists etc).

7. Defeat and Leave (self-explanatory).

8. Nation-Building and Puppet Governance.

This has been popular with Americans, arguably since the Civil War. This method begins with a clear military victory and then a highly militarized occupation; wherein, contractors, businessmen, and politicians rebuild the nation to a governable state and create a puppet regime, or install an ideologically similar regime; thus, enabling the conqueror to leave while retaining both influence and an ally.

9. Locust-Style Conquest.

This method was more or less unique to the Mongolians and was the most “hands-off.” Typically done to secure trade or capture women, etc., The Mongolians would utterly obliterate an enemy’s military, commit limited-controlled genocide, usually on one or two cities as a punitive measure, and take what they wanted as the spoils-of-war (which was often A LOT) and leave with very little imperial bureaucracy or oversight in the nation they had just defeated.

10. Cultural Assimilation.

This method was done most successfully by Islamic conquerors who would assimilate peoples into Islam after conquest by using a combination of incentive, persistence, taxation, caste, and coercion.

I believe aspects from several of these are important to use together in the American Shah.

II. The Preconditions of Anglo-American Empire.

Several preconditions are to be assumed for this hypothetical:

1. That there is an Anglosphere alliance of sorts between the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

2. That the unified coordination of these powers is expansionist in outlook.

3. That the nations have seen a revival in Christian fervor and family values.

4. The Anglo-Sphere populations are highly patriotic and committed as a society to the Imperial cause.

5. The Anglo-Sphere is free to govern a colony as it pleases without international repercussions.

III. The Nature of Islamic Populations.

There is a tendency among Americans today to view Islamic populations as ungovernable, but I disagree, because history disagrees. Islamic peoples have been colonized by European Christians and in many cases have lived quite peaceably with their colonial overlords. This is especially true of the British Rule in various areas formerly under Ottoman reign. Now, there are exceptions to this which will be discussed under point #2 Below. These are my terms.

1. Progressive Muslims. These are not necessarily even liberal per se, but are, at the very least, tolerant of divergent approaches and opinions on a wide swath of issues and ideologies. In the colonies where the British were successful this was very much the case. In these colonies the locals were even upset that the British had left. They wanted the prosperity, technology, and advancements brought by such an empire. Some were liberal and even inconsistent with Islam, but not all per se. Though liberal and lax Muslims are comprehended under this category, progressives in this use of the phrase is broad enough to include conservative Muslims that amiable to western ideas and innovations and are generally amiable towards the west because of such ideas and innovations.

2. Fundamentalist Muslims. These are not necessarily radicalized or extremist as the modern west uses the term, but refers to those Muslims who are wholly committed to a strict interpretation of the Qur’an (1) and (2) believe that its influence and applications are both universal and wholly comprehensive in one’s life. These Muslims are the sorts that often begrudge even fairly innocuous changes in society, let alone those which could be said to be actually inconsistent with Islam. They are therefore generally intolerant to cultural change on the whole and tend to disapprove of anything foreign or non-conforming.

3. Progressive Muslims will embrace colonialism so long as it is not heavy handed; whereas, fundamentalist muslims will never embrace colonialism and require a heavy hand. This creates a dilemma for any power, but not one that cannot be solved.

IV. Going Assumptions about Iranians for Purposes of Colonial Rule.

1. Iran has become primarily a fundamentalist Islamic nation, but contains sizeable progressive Muslim populations.

2. Persians are ethnically related to whites.

3. Iran has plenty of resources and cultural contributions to offer the west.

4. Iran has a diverse and difficult terrain, much of it is arid and not suitable for agricultural purposes.

5. Iran has strategic value in Empire building, for the Anglo-Sphere.

6. Iranians are strong-willed and proud, but much of their population can be agreeable, and many, even if not all, can be broken.

[PART TWO] The American Shah of Persia.

Total Military Strength: 1,000,000.

American: 600,000
British: 200,000
Canadian: 100,000
Australian: 75,000
New Zealand: 20,000
Caricom Troops: 5,000 (mostly from Jamaica)

Total Civilian Import: 1,000,000.


Anglo-Sphere Companies, Corporations, and Government Contractors.
Relief-Workers, Charities, Educators, Missionaries, and Settlers.

American: 700,000
Canadian: 100,000
British: 100,000
Australian: 75,000
New Zealand: 20,000
Caricom: 10,000

General Policy Points To Guarantee A Successful Colony:

Governing Principle: “To The Victor Goes The Spoils.” Victoribus Spolia

The Five Points:

I. Great Prosperity for The Indigenous.
II. Benefits for The Colonizers.
III. Indirect Rule Locally, Direct Rule Generally.
IV. Civilization by Education.
V. Zero Tolerance for Resistance.
VI. Submission Through Love.

“To The Victor Goes The Spoils”

As far as the Anglo-Alliance is concerned, whatever was once belonging to Iran, by the law of War, now belongs to Anglo-Alliance; whether it be people or resources or knowledge. All acts of charity, are just that, and no obligation herein is placed upon the conquerors except wherein their own convictions, whether public or private, are bound by the Will of Almighty God. This shall be the overruling principle in all matters of contention, militarily, legally, or otherwise.

I. Great Prosperity for The Indigenous.

1. All Foreign Contractors, Companies, and Corporations that are non-educational or non-religious must actively seek 50% employment of indigenous population and give them a guaranteed rate that is at least 50% higher than their equivalent under the former regime for the same position, graded according to skill and seniority as the employer may determine. The goal is to guarantee an increased per capita GDP for all Iranians in comparison to their former regime. Likewise, to reach the goal of 0% unemployment among Iranians displaced from the war.

2. Training shall be given, along with support technologies, to farmers and unemployed Iranians in rural areas in restorative perma-culture farming. This shall guarantee a state of total self-sufficiency for rural poor Iranians and create a system of abundant food production and eco-friendly restorative agriculture used to help combat desertification in Iran.

3. All Iranians shall be given certified training by foreign employers that shall be recognized by law by all employers as a legally recognized qualification.

4. Healthcare and Education shall be guaranteed to all Iranians.

5. Any good or service or product sold by local Iranian merchants to Foreigner soldiers, is guaranteed to be purchased by the highest bid or must exceed the advertised price by at least 1%.

II. Profit Opportunity for The Colonizers.

1. All Oil and Natural Gas Resources shall be subsumed under the government charter company: The Anglo-Persian Petroleum Export Company. This company is overseen directly by the colonial office of the Anglo-Alliance by a joint British-American oversight committee whose members are directly appointed by the Monarch and the President, respectively. This company will guarantee 50% Iranian employment at higher than previous GDP and must offer British-American uproots twice their wages and a tract of land in Iran. Company employees of Anglo-Sphere origination shall be tax-free of their wealth accrued other than Iranian property taxes. No competitive indigenous or non-Anglo enterprise in oil or natural gas shall be permitted.

2. Anglo-Sphere manufacturers shall be guaranteed tax-haven profit status for any and all plants in Iran, under the following stipulations, all uprooted Anglo-Alliance workers be given an offer of double-pay, free transfer to, and a paid-for plot of land in Iran (if the company is being moved), and/or a guarantee of 50% foreign employment in any new plants built in Iran. (Iranian manufactured goods will still be subject to a limited tariff, to ensure quality and a protection of domestic manufacturing. Raw goods will be tariff free.)

3. All travel to Iran from Anglo-Alliance nations shall be subsidized by a rate of 60% of market value.

4. Financial Investments in the Iranian economy shall be given a 5% government contribution.

5. All Anglo-Sphere citizens coming to Iran shall be given a privileged status of: non-queue in all public services, the first pick of developed residential lands, guaranteed community security by the Armed Forces at all times, tax-free in everything except property taxes, and the right to indentured servants out of the reformed Iranian prison system. Likewise, the settlement of Iran for residential development and agricultural development shall be tax-exempt and even aided with government subsidy.

III. Indirect Rule Locally, Direct Rule Generally.

1. Iran shall be divided by its current provinces and the military presence of Iran shall be generally delineated to the provinces according to the ratio of 80:1, and so on down to the local village. This same ratio shall be encouraged for foreign land development, but not necessitated.

2. The Governor-General of Iran, shall be either of American or British Descent and Appointment and shall be vested with Royal/Presidential Powers in the country and over the armed forces. His seat shall be in Tehran, but will be granted a palace on the Caspian Sea wherein once a year, announced as a public holiday, he shall make all of his decrees of pardon. His authority in Iran is absolute.

3. Other than military regiments, the province shall be the smallest unit of direct-rule by Anglo-Alliance officers. Otherwise, all smaller units shall be locally ruled by democratic vote of the populace in those areas. All democratically elected Iranian officers must swear allegiance to Anglo-Alliance under penalty of death and submission to its laws and restrictions. A local ruler must petition the province governor for military aid or increases.

4. Local villages are permitted to be governed according to local custom except wherein they directly violate Christian law or wherein they punish apostasy. Otherwise, the enforcement of Sharia in this modified sense, at a local level, and its enforcement, shall not be infringed, though appeal to the governor of the province shall be permitted before any punishments are permitted to be executed at the local level. Anglo-Alliance settlers and citizens shall be exempt from local laws and customs only after a writ requesting exemption based on justifiable convictions is approved by the province governor directly.

5. Local rulers shall appoint their own local bureaucracy and enforcement, which is supervised by the military contingency in those areas that are also, though in a limited sense, under his authority. Thus, a local democratically elected ruler may use Anglo-Alliance soldiers to pursue a criminal or an insurgent by his command; however, if the local ruler is found to be violating colonial law, the same military forces by command of its officers may dispose of the local ruler. Otherwise, they are to follow his instructions and work with him and his government to the best of their abilities.

IV. Civilization by Education.

1. All education shall be organized through the newly reformed Church of England (reformed to its more historically biblical, confessional, and fundamentalist conservative form) by direct command of the Crown. All authority shall be vested in the newly appointed Bishop of Persia for these purposes to implement a strictly classical structure of education. All educators shall be Anglo-Alliance citizens and members of orthodox Christian bodies in either the United Kingdom, the United States, or the Commonwealth.

2. Primary Education, K-6, is compulsory. 7-12 is strongly encouraged and is required for all employment in foreign-owned companies, service in local militias, and to qualify for potential citizenship in the Anglo-Alliance or to hold any office of government in Iran whatsoever.

3. English, Persian, and Latin shall all three be required as tri-lingual requirements through all grades. The classical Trivium shall be followed: Grammatical, Dialectical, and Rhetorical stages. Christian and western history shall be emphasized, as well as classical western manners in class-room and lunch-room decorum. The highest standards to European education shall be required in Iran. All those who complete K-12 education in Iran shall be given free-tuition opportunities in the United States and Great Britain. Persian shall be required, nationwide, in the Latin script only. Arabic shall not be permitted to be taught in government schools, but must be provided by the parents at home or through additional education paid for by the parents in addition to government schooling. Turkic and Semitic languages shall be prohibited from any public use whatsoever.

4. Persian history as the history of a glorious Aryan people shall be emphasized, their relationship as the lost “brother” of the glorious west shall be stressed.

5. Proselytizing or Evangelism as an open but non-confrontational call shall be permitted in education facilities beyond mere informative education between grades 7-12 only, in all medical facilities, and in all public or government facilities. Door-to-door or intrusive proselytizing is prohibited or permitted insofar as local rulers may require. Christian educators are obligated to accept challenges to debate in public forum if challenged by local religious leaders or parents in response to their assertions of Christianity’s truthfulness. They are prohibited from refusing to debate their views. Those who convert to Christianity shall be tax exempt and qualify for citizenship, without qualification.

V. Zero Tolerance for Resistance.

1. No Iranian shall be permitted to own weapons of any kind, except for approval by the province governor based on appeal for such for agricultural reasons or for reason of verifiable self-concern.

2. Those found guilty of sedition, rebellion, terrorism, or resistance to government authorities, via a court of law, shall be executed publicly and their bodies placed on public display for three days. All of the property, including the direct family of such persons shall be taken over by the colonial office for disposal at its will.

3. Those found complicit in such actions as mentioned above, via failure to report or by direct or indirect support, financial or otherwise, shall meet with the same fate as those found guilty, as determined by a court of law.

4. Communities found supportive in such, by military intelligence, will be given a single public warning 24 hours prior to military action, at which time, the entire village shall be razed and every man found shall be executed and publicly displayed, every woman given to the conquering forces for their disposal, and every child sent into exile adoption services, forbidden to ever return to Iran. The land of the community shall be forbidden from ever being used for local residential use again, but may be given to manufacturing for building factories.

5. Direct Islamic proselytizing of Anglo-Alliance citizens is strictly forbidden under penalty of public flogging, with the exception of formal challenges of debate.

VI. Submission Through Love.

1. Persian nationalism shall be encouraged via an intentional bias towards Persian cultural, linguistic, ethnic characteristics to other non-Anglo or non-Persian minorities. Persian work, art, etc., shall be extolled, and Persia as the long lost “westerners” encouraged as a new myth. Persians shall be given discriminatory benefits over others of non-Persian descent except Anglos, and alone will be permitted opportunities for citizenship, discounted foreign education, and service in the Militia.

2. Persians who convert to Christianity shall be given citizenship in the Anglo alliance without qualification. Persian women who marry Anglo-American citizens of Anglo-Alliance ethnic descent, and who have a K-12 education through the church of England, shall be given citizenship. Those who serve in foreign conflicts for the Anglo-Alliance in the Persian Militia, shall qualify for the citizenship lottery.

3. In every field of society, whether agriculture, business, manufacturing, etc., the best Persian in his/her work shall be awarded with citizenship and a monetary sum by the colonial office.

4. Married Persian Christians shall be given public honors and rewards along with special subsidies based on the number of children they have.

5. All sporting events in Persia shall be free of charge for Persians to attend, and will be 50% reduced to Persians for visiting games, even overseas, including hotel and travel fees.

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