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Thanks to the joint efforts of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army, now there is not a single settlement in Syria under the control of ISIS. Despite this, attacks on Russian military bases in Syria continue. UAVs attacks were committed to the bases of Hmeymim and Tartus on the night of 5 to 6 January 2018.
No one took responsibility for the attacks and the eternal question "Who is to blame?" remains open. Nevertheless, the Russian side has every reason to suspect that the United States did it. The first important argument is the interest of the Pentagon. Indeed, the provocative actions of the US to support terrorists have repeatedly undermined the interests of the Russian side during the time of the Syrian operation. Trainings for Syrian illegal armed groups are in full swing at American strongholds. Moreover, drones are not handicraft production. It is necessary to have a special engineering education of one of the developed countries for their manufacture, as well as programming. The next item is the availability of space reconnaissance data with the coordinates of Russian bases. In addition, the American reconnaissance aircraft was seen during the attack on Tartus and Hmeymim.
The American side completely denies its involvement in the attack. Western media accuse ISIS, which was destroyed last year by the Russian Aerospace Forces together with the Syrian army. But even if we take into account the fact that Bogdadi once acquired the drones, the idea that some of the devices have been preserved intact after Russian military intervention can not withstand any criticism.
Proceeding from the foregoing, the conclusion arises about Washington's involvement. Over the years of geopolitical domination, the States have learned to do dirty work by someone else's hands. Now analysts agree that the American side could well provide the opposition with drones as support. On the other hand, Washington could have other intentions, transferring the UAV to the opposition. In particular, it could check the capabilities of Russian military equipment.
In any case, Washington is indirectly connected with attacks on Russian bases or involved in this, the outcome is one - the actions of the States are provocative. Thanks to the systems of detection, defeat and suppression in Hmeymim and Tartus bases, the Russian side is capable of repelling any provocative attack that was successfully demonstrated on January 6.

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