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Since 2014, the American administration of B. Obama with the support of partner countries has begun military operations in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State terrorists, which continue to this day. At the same time, D. Trump, who took office in January as president of the United States, during the election campaign, declared that his main goal was an inner recovery of America, its re-industrialize and anti-globalism, and normalizing of relations with Russia. In this regard, he expressed a desire to establish cooperation between Washington and Moscow in order to destroy the IS.

However, D. Trump's striving for a course of national reconstruction ran into fierce resistance from the American elites and the mass media that rallied around the Democratic Party, who repeatedly accused the new US president, advocating for improving relations with Russia, that he was allegedly a weapon in its hands and "involuntary agent of an influence" and the puppet of Moscow. Moreover, the "Russian factor" and suspicions of the "pro-Russian" American president were one of the key pressure points. And, apparently, these things forced D. Trump to completely change the foreign policy course and demonstrate to the whole world that under his presidency the United States remains the main military force of the planet.

This is evidenced by D. Trump's order on the application of a massive missile strike with "Tomagavk" cruise missiles at the Shayrat military airfield in the Syrian province of Homs. The reason was the alleged chemical attack, the responsibility for which was assigned to Damascus. At the same time, Washington began accusing Moscow of trying to hide the fact that the Syrian regime allegedly used chemical weapons against its own citizens, provoking a diplomatic clash with it. That is, the White House began to play on a sharp decline and cooling of bilateral relations with the Kremlin. Moreover, the American president said that the United States did not establish relations with Russia, which now may be "at the lowest point".

Meanwhile, there is no evidence of a chemical attack on Idlib by governmental forces of Syria. At the same time, American strikes against a military base in the province of Homs are aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law. Russian President V. Putin compared D. Trump's actions in Syria with the invasion of President G. Bush Jr. in Iraq in 2003. And Russian Prime Minister D. Medvedev noted that President D. Trump turned out to be not at all what he wanted to seem during his election campaign. According to his words, "the existing machine of power" broke "Trump's election installations". Thus, despite D. Trump’s statement "America first of all" his actions were predetermined by the previous administration.

From the point of view of experts, such a sharp reversal of the United States was a cynical attempt to divert public attention from investigations into possible contacts between D. Trump's assistants and Russia. During his being in the White House, Russian-American relations were reduced to a minimum, and their level was drastically reduced and transferred to a "technical" mode. According to American experts, Putin’s Russia considers the USA to be its enemy and is trying to weaken American positions throughout the world. Thus, Russia is taking an increasingly active part in the Libyan events, placing its special forces on Egyptian territory near the Libyan border and assisting influential Libyan military commander H. Haftar, who opposes the government in Tripoli.

At the same time, the director of the CIA, M. Pompeo, made it clear that the rocket attack on the Syrian military airfield was conceived as a warning, including Teheran. According to his words, the American special services will not leave unanswered a significant increase in Iran’s undesirable actions by the United States and hope that Teheran has not forgotten about the US missile attack on the Syrian military target. At the same time, M. Pompeo did not give a direct answer to the question that the US would oppose Iran’s actions, saying that in this regard their allies, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as European states, have enormous opportunities. Furthermore, in a number of Arab media, reports about some plans of Jordan, Britain, the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia to open a new front against the Syrian army in the south of the country have recently been replicated. To this end, the United States has already, according to publications, transferred military equipment to the border with Jordan, allegedly in order to cut off the communication paths between the positions of the terrorist group "Islamic State".

It should be noted that this topic was discussed on April 14 at the trilateral talks between the foreign ministers of Russia, Syria and Iran - S. Lavrov, V. Muallem and M. J. Zarif. At the same time, Moscow, Damascus and Teheran, reaffirming the united position on the act of aggression by the United States and the gross violation of the UN Charter, paid special attention to the need to increase joint work on eliminating the "terrorist focus on Syria" and spoke in favor of "uniting the efforts of the entire world community creating a broad antiterrorist front".

Indeed, in today's tense situation, D. Trump's first application for the power of the United States has already pushed Islamic radicals to further aggravate the situation in Syria. This is confirmed by an explosion on April 15 at a transit point where there was a convoy of buses with evacuees from two Shiite villages in the Syrian province of Idlib. The terrorists blew up explosives in a car near a gas station, which caused a strong fire and killed many people, including more than 60 children. Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs is confident that the attack on Syrian refugees was a response of terrorists to the successes of Damascus and its allies in the fight against the "Islamic State" and "Dzhebhat al-Nusra" terrorist groups and part of the "campaign of terrorists" to disrupt national reconciliation in Syria, which is accompanied pause in the fighting.

French observers believe that there was an inevitable return of the Trump administration to America’s usual policy of intervention, while at the same time abandoning nationalist and isolationist ideologies. According to them, a missile strike on Syria opens a new chapter in the war, which the US is leading for world domination. Under pressure from the Pentagon, the CIA and the Democratic Party, which insisted on a war with Syria and confrontation with Russia, the D. Trump administration completely, changed the course, abandoning all election promises. Thus, the American oligarchy, "calling Trump to order", insisted on yet another military adventure in order to secure its hegemony in the Middle East and push back regional rivals, primarily Iran and Russia.

Analysts believe that this is evidence of a return to the only possible formula for America - increased external aggression in order to compensate for internal weakness. Objective "laws of the genre" force the United States to behave in this way and not otherwise, and no D. Trump, no B. Obama, for all their differences, can cancel this iron logic of America, which simply cannot be different. The USA is a weakening empire from within, which is forced to kindle conflicts in order to maintain its global status, which is manifested in strikes against a weak enemy. Attacking a weak or insignificant adversary, America wants to convince the world of the need for its leadership. That is why the United States arranges military provocations in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.

At the same time there is no force solution to the Syrian issue. The conflict in Syria can be resolved only at the political level, through negotiations, as, for example, it happens in Astana. Moreover, according to the Syrians, the only country that is fighting the IS grouping that represents a real threat in the Middle East is Russia. Only Russia's actions can be a guarantor of stability in Syria. In addition, when the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Moscow, in the last weeks of power of Obama, to resolve the Syrian crisis, they gave the United States a stunning signal that it is quite possible to live without a country that once declared itself indispensable.

Syria is almost a ‘city-state’ with much of its population living in and around the city of Damascus. Some historians and archaeologists believe Damascus may be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and there is no record in ancient history of it ever being fully destroyed. Syria is also the home of many Islamic terrorist groups and its army invaded and has occupied Lebanon for almost 30 years. Currently, Syria (with Iran) is supporting the Hezbollah in southern Lebanon against Israel. Syria, like the rest of Israel’s Islamic neighbors hate Israel, have invaded and attacked Israel on several occasions, and have publicly called for the destruction of Israel. It is interesting to note that recently an Israeli general, on commenting on the growing threat of Syria, said the easiest thing to do to protect Israel from Syria would be to drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus.

Damascus, Syria will someday be completely destroyed and become a ‘ruinous heap’ : “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap”
(Isaiah 17:1)

The Bible warns it will also be a time of trouble for Israel : “And in that day it shall come to pass the glory of Jacob (Israel) shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean.” (Isaiah 17:4) ... -of-times/

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