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Washington is concerned about achievements of Russian weapons. The Russian S-400 «Triumph» anti-aircraft missile system is the most discussed today. So, American analytic organization «Stratfor» announced a number of shortcomings of this complex: vulnerability to a massive enemy attack, the need to support other air defense systems, limited resistance to low-flying missiles in mountainous terrain, and also the need for competent and equipped military equipment operators.

The appearance of such reports has a political background and, first of all, these are Washington's phobias related to the acquisition of the Russian S-400 «Triumph» system by the Turkey. Negotiations between the two countries have been conducted since 2016. In 2017 transaction parameters were agreed. And according to agreement, Turkey will get from Russia four battalions of the system. Total cost of the agreement is estimated at 2,5 billion dollars. The first aircrafts with elements of the S-400 «Triumph» air defense system began to arrive in Turkey on July 12, 2019.

What prompted Turkey to get complexes is not precisely known, but it is obvious that they should provide Ankara with a reliable cover. Of course, Turkey is under the protection of NATO missile defense system, but at the moment, this is not enough, because there are too many potential threats, including from the Middle East. Moreover, most of the regions located in the southeast, as well as part of the eastern territories, were still outside the alliance’s air defense zone. Such attacks can be prevented by the Russian S-400 «Triumph» air defense missile systems, which have much greater potential than the American «Patriot» complexes.

Meanwhile, the purchase of these complexes by the Turkey is considered by the United States as an obvious threat to its defense capability. The reason for American concern is precisely the fifth-generation F-35 fighter. According to the American side, due to the fact that the Russian anti-aircraft missile system will work together with this fighter, the radars of the Russian air defense systems will be able to track the fifth-generation American fighter, to which the Pentagon made a big bet.

Therefore, the United States threatens Turkey with sanctions and in effect canceled the delivery of fifth-generation multi-purpose fighters F-35. US military experts declare the groundlessness of this step. Due to the fact that many parts of the fighter are made exclusively on Turkish territory, failure to cooperate with Turkey can harm the entire program of the fifth generation fighter. Furthermore, it is possible that if Turkey is left without F-35 planes, Ankara will buy Russian planes.

Thus, the acquisition of Russian weapons for Turkey is a risk, although it is justified. Despite the sanctions that Washington faces, the S-400 air defense systems must provide reliable protection of the country against all potential threats, which neither the NATO missile defense system nor the American Patriot can provide.
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