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NPR did an interview with Ramita Navai about her documentary "Afghanistan Undercover". (August 2022)

You can find a transcript of the interview here:
'Afghanistan Undercover' details the Taliban's mistreatment of women and girls : NPR

Things are getting really terrible for women in Afghanistan, but it has not been getting much attention in the media.
This is probably due to two factors: (1) The conflict in Ukraine has distracted attention away from Afghanistan. (2) The media is reluctant to report about what's going on in Afghanistan because it could make President Biden look bad. (The pullout of American forces was a decision made by Biden. And besides human interest stories about women's rights are not something conservative media usually reports about. Conservative media also has much less funding to be able to investigate things going on in other countries, and in any case the worldview of conservatives tends to be less global)

A short summary of the interview, the Taliban are abducting girls and young women into forced marriages with Taliban fighters. There is evidence that provincial Taliban commanders are complicit in this. It's dangerous for young women to even show their faces in public, because some Taliban member might find them attractive and want to marry them. Even if they do cover up in the burka, there are spies, and if a neighbor sees her, he might report that there is an attractive unmarried girl who lives there, and it could attract the attention of Taliban members looking to take a bride. Taliban members are also kidnapping brides from the distant provinces in places where young women are not abiding by the rules and wearing the burka.

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Err ... nobody in the media ever gave the slightest hint of a fraction of really anything about women rights in Afghanistan.

Women rights was just one of the covers to justify an endless war.

Now the war is over, they dont care about Afghanistan. Full stop. They didnt even reported about the danger of famine. So why would they give two shits about women rights ?
@Puffer Fish No one is ignoring it. They knew this was going to happen when they left Afghanistan.

What is your solution? Invade Afghanistan again? :?:

If the Taliban were only raping them, you probably wouldn't have a problem with it. :knife:

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