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Political issues and parties in the nations of Africa.

Moderator: PoFo Africa Mods

Forum rules: No one line posts please. This is an international political discussion forum, so please post in English only.
(Updated 7/1/2017 by Bulaba Jones)

The PoFo Rules are in effect for this subforum as for every other subforum on the board.

The Africa subforum is an on-topic subforum (meaning this is not Gorkiy Park: off-topic material and one liners may be subject to removal or further action) for serious discussion. Although it has less traffic than some of the other subforums, the following rules will help facilitate future cleanup of unwanted racially-charged material that keeps popping into this subforum. In addition to the PoFo Rules, the Africa subforum now has some rules of its own (which may be altered and added over time):

Civility and racism
Personal attacks on someone's character or posts that contain racist material will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly from now on. The Africa subforum is not a place to argue in favor of racial superiority or inferiority: that type of material will not only be harshly dealt with, but may be directly referred to the PoFo admins for further action.

On-topic and one liners
This is not Gorkiy Park nor Today's News: please refrain from posting one liners, and refrain from taking topics off course. Chains of posts that veer off topic or consist of one liners may be subject to removal or warnings.

Relevant articles
If posting an article or news item relating to Africa please also include your own comment on the article as to what is up for debate. This is not the Today's News forum, so please don't just post articles with no comment.

Thank you.
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