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By fuser
So Results have started to come in and it seems the Right Wing party BJP and Modi as PM will continue the next 5-year term performing slightly better than last time.


For more detailed results go here

So yeah the right's march continues in India, as per communists after ruling for over three decades in West Bengal, they have failed to take a lead on a single seat in Bengal. Kanhaiya Kumar a prominent young communist who had captured the country's attention in the last few years is also loosing while far right wingers like Sadhvi Pragya who is accused of a bomb blast in 2008 is winning.

NDA = BJP(Modi) + Allies and UPA = Congress + Allies.
My commiserations, @fuser

I have a couple of questions:

Am I correct to assume that (all) the Muslim voters were against Modi ?
That is a large minority.
The rest voters against Modi where leftists I assume.
Well vast majority of Muslims obviously don't vote for Modi/BJP but unlike say US presidential election its not so easy, last time when BJP got complete majority on its own, it still had only 34% of the total votes as each constituency has on an average around 15-20 candidates in here, so an anti BJP vote by muslims can go to various different parties rather than consolidating with one candidate helping them to win that constituency. Around 14% voters are muslims iirc.

Not necessarily leftists, I won't call congress leftists but there are other factors. For example the most surprising results is from the state of UP which alone has 80 seats out of total 542 for which votes were cast.

Now this state has two powerful regional parties, SP with traditional voters being a caste called Yadavas (A caste that has a large population in UP) and Muslims and another party called BSP with traditional voters being Dalits (The so called untouchable castes), now these two parties generally fight against each other and that was the reason why in the last election BJP made a big gain in UP, to counter BJP this time these two former enemies joined hand to fight against BJP in UP independent of Congress and yet against all expectation BJP is leading on 58 seats out of 80, clearly they have managed to sell their extremist version of hinduism over the cast dynamics that these two parties were selling.

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