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Question: How to Fix my Avatar & Signature?


To upload an image to be used as an avatar or a signature, you first need to upload it on the internet, by using either one of the free services online like imgur or photobucket, or by using PoFo's integrated uploader.

If you would like to use our own uploader for your images, please follow these simple instructions by clicking the "Reply" button on any topic so that you open the Full Editor(please note that a post does not have to be made at any point), and right under the submit button, you will find a tab called "Upload an Image":

Click "Select Image":

Once you select the image from your computer, the button becomes Green and turns into "Upload Image Now":

You click it and the result is you get a direct link, a bbcode tag and a deletion link, also the bbcode tag gets added automatically to your post as well. You do not need to make a post, you just need to grab the url.


Now you can use this url to add it in your avatar or signature by clicking the top right hand-side drop-down ucp and clicking on Control Panel:


From then on you are now in your User Control Panel, you click on 'Profile' and then 'Edit Avatar', on which you choose 'Remote Avatar', in the box you specify the url which you have created in the previous step and you also define the size, as the size is gloablly set at 100X100 just add 100 on each of the 2 fields.


And for your signature, you can choose 'Edit Signature' and add the image on your signature by using the normal bbcode image tags.


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