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By Siberian Fox
Verona, 14th November 1943


The Costituent Assembly, sovereign power, originating from the people, should be convoked to declare the decadence of Monarchy, to solemnly condemn the last king as traitor and fugitive, to proclamate the Social Republic and to nominate the Chief.

The Costituent Assembly is composed by the representatives of all syndical associations and admistrative circonscriptions, also comprehending the representatives of invaded provinces through the Delegations of exuls and refugees on free soil; it also comprehends the representatives of combatants and prisoners of war through the rempatriation for minoration reasons: those of Italians abroad; those of Judicial Officers, University and every other corps or institution whose participation contribute to make the Costituent Assembly the synthesis of all National values.

The Republican Constitution should ensure to citizens, soldiers, workers and contributors the right to control and responsibly criticize the acts of public administration.
Every five years the citizen will be called to pronunciate on the election of the Chief of the Republic.
No citizen, arrested in flagrance or stopped for preventive measures, shall be held beyond seven days, without an order from judicial authority. Except in case of flagrance, an order from judicial authority shall occur for domicile perquisitions too.
The Judicial power, shall act with full indipendence, in the exercise of its functions.

Both the negative electoral experience already made by Italy, and the partially negative experience of a too strictly hierarchical method of election, contribute to a solution which conciliates the opposite needs. A mixed system – for example popular election of representatives in the Parliament and election of Ministers by the Chief of the Republic and of the Government, and in the Party, elections of the Fascio, except for ratifications, and election of the national Directory by the Duce – seems to be the most advisable.

The organization to whom competes the education of the people to political problems is unique. In the Party, order of fighters and believers, an organism of absolute political purity, worthy of being the custodian of revolutionary idea, shall be created.
Its distinctive (tessera) is not required for any employment or charge.

The religion of the Republic is the Roman Catholic Apostolic one. Every other religion, which does not oppose the laws, is respected.

Those belonging to Jew race are foreigners. During this war, they belong to enemy nationality.

The unity, the indipendence, the territorial integrity of the Fatherland in the sea and alpine borders – marked by nature, sacrifice of blood and History; threatened by the Enemy with the invasion and with the promises of the Government exul in London – shall be the essential purpose of the foregn policy of the Republic.
Another essential purpose shall consist in getting the necessities of vital space – necessary to a 45-million-inhabitants people living on an area unable to nourish them – recognized.
This policy shall act for the creation of an "European Community" with the federation of all Nations who will accept these principles
a) elimination of century-old British schemes from our continent;
b) abolition of capitalistic intern system and fight against world plutocracies;
c) valorization, in benefit of European and autochtonous peoples, of African natural resources, in absolute respect of those people, especially Islamic ones, who, like Egypt, are already civilized and nucleally organized.

Manual, technical, intellectual work, in all of its manifestations is the base and primary object of the Social Republic.

Private property – fruit of work and individual saving, integration of human personality – is warranted by the State. It must not become, however, cause of disintegration of physical and moral personalities of other men, through the exploitment of work.

In national economy, all that, for dimension or function, goes out from single interest to become part of collective interest, belongs to the State-proper sphere of action.
Public services and, as a rule, war fabrications, must be managed by the State through parastatal societies.

In every business (industrial, private, parastate, state) representatives of technics and workers cooperate intimately (through a direct knowledge of management) to just division of gains, among the reserve fund, the stock financial capital and the workers' partecipation to gains.
In some business this can happen due to an extension of the prerogatives of actual factory commissions. In others, through the substitution of administration councils with management councillors, composed by technics and workers, with a State representative; in still others, as a parasyndical cooperative.

In agriculture, the owner's private initiative finds its limits there where the very initiative fails.
The expropriation of uncultivated lands and of badly managed business can lead either to lottization among workers, who are to be transformed in direct cultivators, or to the constitution of parastate or parasyndical cooperative business, according to various needs of agricultural economy.
On the other hand, this is granted by actual laws, whose application is receiving the necessary impulse both by the Party and the syndical organizations.

It is fully recognized to direct agriculturers, artisans, professionals, artists, to practice and explicate their individual productive activity by families and by nuclea, except for the obligation to handle and let under control the prices of work.

The right to house, is not only a property right, but a right to property. The Party inscribes in his program the creation of a national office for the house of the people, which, absorbing the existing institute and maximely ampliating its action, provides the house in property to every category workers' families, through the direct construction of new housings or the gradual ransom of those existing.
As for this, it is to affirm the general principle, according whom the rent canon – once the capital paid is justly refunded – entitles to the acquirement. First and foremost, the Office will resolve the problems originating from war destructions with the requisition and distribution of unused locals and provisorial constructions.

The worker is automatically enlisted in the category Syndicate, without impeding him to move into another Syndicate, when he has the prerequisites. Syndicates converge in one Confederation, which comprehends all the workers, the technics, the professionals, excluding the owners who are not technics or managers. It is called General Confederation of Work, Technics and Arts.
The dependants of the State industrial business and of the public services, should form category Syndicates, as every other worker. All the outstanding social previdences established by the Fascist Regime in a twenty-year period remain integre. The Charter of Work constitutes in its letter, its consacration, as well as in its spirit the starting point for the forward path.

On the line of actuality, the Party esteems an undilationable salary adaptment for workers, through tha agreement on national mynimals and ready local revisions, and even more for the petty and medium clerk, both public and private employed.
In order to ensure that this act would not be inefficient and eventually harmful for all, it needs that the result of paying in food at official prices a part of the salary is achieved, through cooperative stores, factory stores, extension of "Provvida"'s offices, requisition of shops guilty of infractions and their parastatal or cooperative gestion.
Only in this way, we will contribute to stability of prices and value, and to sanation of market.
As for black market, it is asked that speculators, along with traitors and defeatists, get under competence of extraordinary Tribunals, and be passible of death penalty.

With this prologue to the Constituent Assembly, the Party shows that not only he goes towards the people, but he is with the people. On the other hand, Italian people must realize that there is only one way to defend its past, present and future conquests, to repulse the slavistic Anglo-American invasion, which, for a thousand of precise signs, wants to make the life of Italians narrower and poorer.
There is only a way to reach all social goals: to fight, to work, to win.

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