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A Quick Introduction to the Politics Forum

Welcome to the Politics Forum! This page is to give a very quick introduction to the Politics Forum for new users who are thinking about joining or have only just joined.

  1. The Politics Forum is intended for discussion by adults, so please post in a manner in keeping with adult discussion. Please treat other users with respect and don't post utter nonsense. Before you can post you will need to register an account. If you are interested in a further explanation of the purpose of the forum then you can read our mission statement.

  2. In order to protect the forum from automated spam/advertising, when you make your very first post it will have to be approved by a moderator. As soon as you have had one post approved you will be able to take part in discussion normally. If you make multiple posts before your first post is approved you will not be able to see them until they are approved.

  3. Please make sure you read the Forum Rules and Terms of Use before you start posting.

  4. We would highly recommend that you also read the Newbie Guide.

  5. If you have any problems after you have registered you can ask for help by posting a topic in The Basement.
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