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Question: Why do I get a 503 error when browsing PoFo?

Answer: A 503 error means "service unavailable" and is usually associated with sites down for maintenance. However, if you get that on PoFo the cause is almost certainly because you have accidentally tripped the automatic spam-bot-blocker.

Spam bots get served a 503 error message when they are banned.

If you are not a spammer (!), in order to get the ban removed please follow these steps:

  • Make a note of your IP address at the time you are receiving the error.
  • PM Siberian Fox, including the IP address, so he can check the log to find out why you triggered the block.
  • Siberian Fox can then make arrangements to have the block removed, and hopefully refine the block rules so it doesn't occur again.

Please note, if you live in Pakistan you might be out of luck. Huge IP blocks are permanently banned, because unfortunately Pakistan is a hotbed of forum spam and the ISPs there don't do anything about it.

You might also like to check if your IP is listed in the Stop Forum Spam database. IPs listed there are not automatically banned from viewing the site, but multiple hits on the registration or login pages will trigger a block.

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