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This sticky contains instructions on how to use the Special Debates forum (in the form of a FAQ), as well as a continuously updated list of pending debates. Check this thread for up-to-date information on any pending or completed special debates.


Q: What is the Special Debates forum?

A: Special Debates is a forum where users of PoFo can set up debates against specific members of their choosing, on topics of their choosing. Access to the forum is restricted to the people participating in a debate at any given time. This has the effect of placing the debates that go on in this forum upon somewhat of a pedestal. Do you want to prove a point once and for all, for everyone to see? Are you interested in matching wits against a specific member of the boards on a given topic? Do you just want to engage in a detailed discussion on a subject, with certain forum members? The Special Debates forum can be used for all of the above.

Q: Are these debates "formal"? Are they judged?

A: Debates that are held within the Special Debates forum are expected to adhere to the Forum Rules: http://www.politicsforum.org/documents/about/forum-rules/, and they will be moderated closely by Vivisekt. There are no judges, and debates will continue for a preordained length of time; generally, this will be anywhere from three days to one week.

Q: How do I participate in a Special Debate?

A: First, you'll need to choose a topic. If there are no pending or active debates with open slots that you would like to join, send a PM to Vivisekt containing the topic that you would like to debate. Your topic will be added to the Debate List section of this thread as a pending debate. If you have an opponent in mind, and he or she is willing, let me know and I will begin the debate and grant you access to the forum. Otherwise, it is up to you to find somebody willing to argue the opposite position/participate in discussion.

Q: There is a pending or active debate on the Debate List with an open slot, and I like the topic. How do I sign up to participate?

A: Send a PM to Vivisekt, or whoever is indicated as the contact for that debate - and ask to join. If you have any additional questions or comments, they can be directed to Vivisekt, via PM.

Debate List (constantly updated)

Pending Debates:

* Healthcare Systems: Canadian vs American
Advocate of the Canadian healthcare system: [Gnote]
Advocate of the American healthcare system: [open slot]
Note: If you are interested in arguing in favor of the American healthcare system, against the Canadian system (as represented by Gnote), send a PM to Vivisekt.

Active Debates:

None, at the moment.

Completed Debates:

* Discussion: Is Suicide Morally Acceptable? Is it Bravery, or Cowardice?
Participants: [Napuljun, Korimyr the Rat, Mr. Anderson, [email protected]]

* Discussion: On the Use of Force as a Last Resort - For or Against
Participants: [spin doctor, hatred, ~Magius~, SpiderMonkey, Korimyr the Rat, Mr. Anderson, Counter-Corporate Jujitsu, Noumenon]

* Discussion: On the existence and fundamentals of absolute, universal human rights
Participants: [naked_turk, Saf, Counter-Corporate Jujitsu, Falleen Prince Xizor, Korimyr the Rat, Lejonet från Norden, glinert]

* Ethical Debate: The Morality of Abortion
Pro Abortion Team: [Socialist-BLUE-Gonzo, U-235, Napuljun]
Anti Abortion Team: [Noumenon]

* Ideological Debate: Liberals vs Libertarians
Liberal Team: [GandalfTheGrey, Ice_Demon, spin doctor, Steven K.]
Libertarian Team: [smashthestate, Daovonnaex, Todd D., Noumenon]
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