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Majority rule democracy has its design flaws. Multi-dimensional democracy, the autonomy of open political minorities, is designed to fix what is fundamentally wrong in majority rule democracy. To scratch the surface of this topic, here is a quote of the first page of my small PDF booklet on multi-dimensional democracy, which can be found at the link below:

"Europe is slowly integrating into one continental state, setting the trend for a future world where small states merge into gigantic mega-states, and everything in politics becomes bigger and bigger. Also political minorities grow larger and larger – too large to ignore any more as a meaningless and powerless margin, where the doctrine of majority rule democracy has rejected them.

In small ancient Greek city-states it may have made sense that the small minority of the small population has no greater purpose in life than obeying the wise and fair decisions of the democratic majority. But the larger the populations have become, and the larger the minorities without political power have become, the more obvious it is becoming that it is neither necessary nor morally legitimate for the majority to rule over large minorities, which may have millions of members, and which are perfectly capable of deciding about their own political affairs.

Majority rule democracy is becoming one of the most oppressive and risky political forces on the planet. People’s voting behaviour is too easily influenced by fake news, censorship of true information, and carefully timed fabricated moral scandals, which mislead people to vote with emotion rather than reason. Modern democracy is tyranny of a self-centered and cynical majority. Tyranny of the 70%."
Zionist Nationalist wrote:There wont be wars between states. there will be civil wars and internal strifes in western Europe and scandinavia

IMHO Scandinavia is too sparsely populated for the population to give a damn of it. France is more or less a class struggle.

Probably only Britain and Spain will be subject to geopolitical turmoil, but by what extent I am not sure.

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