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Any other minor ideologies.
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By KhawarezmLLC
We were taught to stay relevant. If you stay relevant to this world we will let you live Nasser's

For example, Iran is relevant. How to stay relevant? Trade bohemian for white. Bohemian is bohemian but white is major/minor.

Good, now to Nasser's.

Trade nationalism for socialism and vice versa. If you are good with nationalism, we will let socialism tax you. If you are good with socialism, we will nationalize your "liberal democratic" business.

What do you think? :excited:
Dictators are good for mixes. Consider for example progressive education. Socialism destined to go national, so dictators make theocracy the destination of nationalism, and let the hypocrites claim this is inferior to socialism. Ultimately, genuine progressive elements in the nation are destined to go social.
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