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The Lockdown Liberals have been lying through their teeth about this right from the word ago. Remember initially they sabotaged the containment of the virus, seeking as ever to keep open borders and frustrate the containment of the virus to China and Iran. Once it had spread they then switched to the opposite extreme and time after in place after place they lied about the deadliness of this virus. Not everyone was making up lies many were just spreading the propaganda manufactured by others.

And now that their fatalities figures have shown to be totally fraudulent, they are now playing up the long term illness factor. Of course there are differences between viruses. There are big difference's between virus variants and a virus can have strikingly different effects on different communities. but as a general rule the long term effects of a virus on a population will tend to be proportionate to its mortality rate.
Excess deaths data show that the real Covid-19 deaths are 30 to 50% higher than the official count. In other words, despite all the preventive measures, we are already approaching 2 million deaths due to Covid-19. Without preventive measures we would have at least 10 times more deaths, just like Sweden has 12 times more deaths than Norway, even though it is false to say that Sweden did not take any preventive measures. In others words, if the conspiracy theorists and flat-Earthers were to have their way, we would already have 20 million deaths and would reach 50 million before the pandemic is over.

The long-term health effects of Covid-19 are well documented. There will be 10s of millions, or if the morons are to have their way, hundreds of millions of Covid patients with long term health problems. The future will show how many will have life-long health problems.

Despite all the preventive measures, many countries already reach their hospital capacity and their ICUs are full with Covid patients, leaving no capacity for other patients.

A number of countries including China, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea and Germany have shown that the pandemic can be controlled if appropriate measures are taken. If testing and contact tracing are implemented, we don't need any lockdowns. Lockdowns are necessary during exponential growth when all else has failed.

Look at the pandemic as a test run for future problems, which may be much worse. Countries that successfully combated the pandemic will not only save lives but also save the economy. Regimes that fail are bound to disappear. Your choice!
Atlantis wrote:A number of countries including China, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea and Germany have shown that the pandemic can be controlled if appropriate measures are taken.

:lol: Yeah right cases up a factor of 20 since the low point, deaths up by a factor of 8 since the low point. Germany is turning into yet another humiliating failure for the lockdown Liberals.
@Rich, the UK consistently had 4 to 5 times as many deaths and/or cases as Germany both during the 1st and the 2nd wave. With open borders in Europe, it's virtually impossible for Germany to be free of the pandemic since all countries surrounding Germany have several times as many cases as Germany. While most countries were boasting about their country's preparedness before the pandemic hit them, it's almost as if Germans are apologetic about having done better than others.
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