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ImageDogs "get stuck" because they lost most of their intelligence through forced in-breeding


Dog breeds were created by unnatural selection of mates. Rather than letting animals choose their own mates, humans decided to select (unnaturally) the mates of caged animals... in order to exaggerate certain pre-determined traits: Big ears, small ears, killer jaw, ability to hunt, pretty fur, etc.

We have many breeds of dogs because of this, and their exaggerated features are the result of forced incest. This unnatural concentration of arbitrarily-selected traits makes many dog breeds prone to insanity or to severe health problems. And they are all dumbed-down in the process - generations of incest having destroyed most of their instinctive knowledge.


Human societies have also practiced unnatural selection on other humans. The most exaggerated form of this happens in modern plantation slavery, like that which occured in the early years of the colonization of the Americas.

Human slaves were bred - like dogs - in order to (unnaturally) select for certain traits. Males and females were forced to breed (by their masters) with strong dummies, in order to create the ultimate super-slave - a strong dummy. A mentally weak pitbull.

This process went on for 20 or 30 generations in the Americas. The children of this process - the descendants of plantation slaves - have been unnaturally bred for many generations... to create pitbulls who are too dumb to rule themselves.

But while plantation slavery provides and obvious and extreme example of unnatural-breeding, many other groups have also practiced unnatural selection over the course of centuries (religious cults, for example, and the rich). So these groups have also been transmogrified into some kind of dumb pitbull human. Through incest.


The only country that I am aware of that has taken this damage seriously is Cuba - a nation that has been actively promoting out-breeding (race-mixing) for a half century. Its proud "creole" cultural norm actually reinforces the idea that - the only way to get out of genetically-altered hell, is to mix with other 'races' until a healthy mutthood takes place.

Franz Fanon seemed to understand this concept as well. "We are all Algerian" refers to the fact that Algerians are a mix of several marauding groups of people with a wide variety of genetics, and not a specifically-manufactured breed of dog.

Inbreeding will always produce pitbulls

Of course, the absolute and survival-enabling importance of out-breeding NEEDS to be highlighted by looking at its evil opposite - IN-BREEDING (progeny-producing sexual relations between family members).

wiki wrote:
...Inbreeding results in homozygosity, which can increase the chances of offspring being affected by recessive traits.[4] In extreme cases, this usually leads to at least temporarily decreased biological fitness of a population[5][6] (called inbreeding depression), which is its ability to survive and reproduce...


Medical News Today wrote:
...If someone inherits two identical copies of a harmful gene variant, they are predisposed to a condition.... Closely related parents’ children have an increased risk of homozygous conditions...

Examples of homozygous conditions:

Hearing loss
Distinct facial features
Bone malformations
High cholesterol
High pressure in the blood vessels

So imagine you're a nice, family-loving slave-owner in the early 1800s. You yourself have married a women of the same religion as yourself, perhaps from the same village in Scotland as yourself. And if you're both old-money blue-bloods, you may share some genetic material with your wife.

As for your slaves, you breed them by forcing the strong and obedient slaves to have lots of children - assets that you create without capital investment, just like cattle. And of course, as a wise slave-owner, you aren't likely to allow your skinny, smart-alecky slaves to multiply at all. Why would you want smart slaves who have little muscle? You want strong and obedient, not skinny and intellectual. And it's your choice, just like it is with the cows you breed. Your choice.

America is a land of choice for slave-owners. Meanwhile, the homozygous conditions keep piling up.

Same with religious cults who "choose" using unnatural selection. Certain traits are magnified in a way that would never occur if the humans involved had been allowed to instinctively choose their mates.

Choosing mates instinctively... is just as important as not poisonning the atmosphere with pollution. We pollute our own species when we "breed" it like cattle. And the rich do this to their slaves AND to themselves.

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