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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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:lol: Yes, more shit Youtube video sources from the resident Conspiracy Theorist. Lame, and childish.

Dr. Michèle Brill-Edwards is a pediatrician and clinical pharmacologist who in 1988 became Health Canada’s senior physician responsible for the regulation of clinical trials and market approvals of prescription drugs.

In 1996 she resigned from Health Canada to speak publicly against the undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the drug approval process, and the resulting unreliable decisions endangering human lives.
Sivad wrote:Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower

Dr. Shiv Chopra’s name has become synonymous with food safety. To protect the integrity of our food, he has waged many battles against a succession of Canadian Prime Ministers and federal ministries of health. He refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. He defied governmental gag orders, spoke publicly to the media, and testified at many Senate and parliamentary committees. Time and again the courts supported Dr. Chopra and ruled against government attempts to silence him. Also, time and again the government allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices, and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply. Here is the full account of how government corruption endangers the food supply and how Dr. Chopra and his colleagues continue to speak the truth.

Nomthanks, I do not feel like buying this book, but thanks for placing this advertisement in the thread.

Does it have an argument about vaccines?
I see. Sivad has an answer for everything except the science and the results. He has yet to post a single reason for discouraging vaccine use.

My guess is that he is a troll for some anti-vaxer sites trying to get links for SEO purposes.

The problem with his argument is that it does not for a moment alter the fact that vaccines are saving millions of lives every year without a significant danger to the overwhelming majority of patients.

This is why unintelligent people can be dangerous. They go off on tangents and ignore the science and the results. If he wants the influence of corporations out of medicine then I suggest he propose that the US and Canada nationalize the pharm industry and devote a half a trillion dollars to it. Then watch the universities vie for those tax dollars to get research.

There is no imaginable solution for his problem. Research must be funded. Full stop. That funding is an investment that must provide results. Nobody will happily pay for failure. So the best we can hope for is reasonable care and caution in the process.

But Sivad has proclaimed, with very little support from the scientific community, that everyone in academia, government and industry is dangerously corrupt. That is an idiotic idea. The thing is that diseases are being cured. Diseases that killed millions have been virtually eliminated. Horrors.

You know that CAT scanners are not safe. But not as unsafe as CANCER.
Some of the stupid in this thread is so dense it must have actual physical mass, like it would displace water. I think I just solved dark matter, the missing mass of the universe is the all the crushingly dense stupid coming from the babbitts of pofo.
The Conspiracy Theorists and anti-Vaxer cunts are the complete morons who only post Youtube vids and Twitter feeds from extremely biased or bullshit sources. They then make childish rants on TLTE because they can't deal with getting their asses handed to them in a logical debate. Crybabies... ALL. I won't name names @Sivad

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