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That was indeed the link that I used and that should have appeared.
Yes, I had trouble simply copying and pasting the url.

Here are the first few paragraphs of the article:

    Singapore wipes out measles; Australia, Brunei Darussalam and Macao SAR (China) eliminate rubella

    Western Pacific Region moves closer to eliminating both diseases

    31 October 2018

    MANILA – Singapore has eliminated measles, and Australia, Brunei Darussalam and Macao SAR (China) have eliminated rubella as public health problems, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today.

    Both viruses are highly contagious, but their spread is preventable with safe and cost-effective vaccines. Initial symptoms for both include fever and rash. But measles can be deadly, causing devastating health complications, such as pneumonia, blindness and brain damage, especially among children. Rubella, also known as German measles, is particularly serious for pregnant women. Infection can lead to miscarriage or birth defects, including blindness, deafness and heart disease.

    Historically low levels of measles were recorded in the Region in 2012, then a resurgence of cases and deaths occurred from 2013 to 2016.

    In October 2017, all 37 countries and areas in the WHO Western Pacific Region—which spans from China and Mongolia in the west to French Polynesia and New Zealand in the east— committed to eliminate measles and rubella as soon as possible with the adoption of a regional strategy and plan of action.

    That same year, intensified efforts led to a drop in both diseases to the lowest levels on record in the Region—5.2 cases of measles and 2.45 cases of rubella per million people—a testament to the power of strengthened immunization programmes, disease surveillance and laboratory capacity.

    Today’s announcement brings the total number of measles-free countries and areas in the Region to nine: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR (China), Japan, Macao SAR (China), New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and Singapore. Among these, five have also stopped transmission of rubella: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Macao SAR (China), New Zealand and the Republic of Korea.
It is fantastic news. Now if only we could get the abject idiot anti-vaxers here to stop killing their children (and those of others) we would be able to claim to be as forward thinking as Darussalam.

We simply have to fix our education system.
Drlee wrote:And a doctorate in public health.

For any intelligent person familiar with your output that's just one more reason not to trust the public health establishment.
Drlee wrote:That you best shot?

My best shot was the statements of the IOM, the Cochrane review, and the director of the National Institutes of Health. Until you honestly address those your appeals to your own authority don't mean shit.
You did not read or interpret those citations correctly. Your ideas about epidemiology (which is not a science based upon googling, cutting and pasting things that agree with you) are uninformed and dangerous. I have covered this stuff ad nauseum before. Endless posts and citations. I have no intention of doing it again.

There is not a single medical association, organization or teaching establishment that does not recommend vaccination with very very limited exceptions. Full Stop.

Parents and others who decide not to vaccinate or to delay vaccination are idiots and dangerous to their children and those of others.

This is true here and abroad. The WHO, comprised of hundreds of health organizations recommends vaccination unreservedly. The NIH in all of its variety recommends only very limited exceptions.

How about that flu vaccine the dumber of us avoid? In 2011-2012 season more people died of flu in the US than died of traffic accidents in a full year. 57,000.

“The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) recognizes the great benefits that vaccines provide for the public health. Substantial scientific evidence demonstrates vaccines’ enormous value in protecting individuals and populations from serious and life-threatening infections. Scientific evidence also demonstrates the overall safety of vaccines. Communities are most effectively protected when all are immunized.

Studies demonstrate that the easier it is to receive an exemption, the higher the rate of exemptions in a particular state. As the number of exemptions increases, the risk of vaccine – preventable disease increases. Therefore, states must make every effort to minimize the number of its citizens exempted from immunization mandates. Such exemptions make the state legislatures who grant them, as well as the individuals who receive them, responsible for placing the remaining state population at greater risk of acquiring potentially fatal infections.”

IDSA Policy Statement on State Immunization Mandates

Last flu season 80,000 Americans died of flu. Every single one of them potentially preventable. This is more US people than the total deaths from the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. People endlessly thank me for my service in war but nobody thanks me for trying to save lives by getting a flu shot. And make no mistake. Getting a flu shot potentially saves lives other than your own.

I am through with the amateurs who believe their opinion is more important than the science. Their rights more important than the lives of their children and those of others. They are dangerous fools. Nothing less. If that sounds like you, then own it and move on. See you at the hospital. Or read about you in the paper.
Drlee wrote:You did not read or interpret those citations correctly.

So then explain how I'm wrong? But if you could you would have already. We both know your argument is nonsense.

Your ideas about epidemiology (which is not a science based upon googling, cutting and pasting things that agree with you) are uninformed and dangerous.

They're not my ideas, all I did was quote prominent epidemiologists.

I am through with the amateurs who believe their opinion is more important than the science.

I presented the findings of Cochrane and the IOM and you refused to address the science. Instead, out of pure babbittry, you rely on the official pronouncements that are at odds with the science.
I believe I addressed these claims earlier.

If I recall correctly, I said that these studies base their conclusions on two things: the contingent nature of scientific knowledge, and the immorality inherent in experimenting on whole populations. They then take these two things and conclude that all of epidemiology is bunk.

Edmonton just re-opened a museum of natural history. They have an iron lung as one of its exhibits. I am glad this is a museum piece and no longer useful medical technology.
I answered them too POD. Repeatedly, earlier in this thread. I have no intention of doing it again because some rank amateur does not understand how or why to read a particular study.

Sivad is just doggedly holding to a position that is not accepted by the OVERWHELMING majority of the scientific community. In fact, I can't point to a single other issue in epidemiology in which there is anything like the agreement among experts that there is regarding the efficacy and importance of vaccination. I need not waste too much time arguing with obviously stupidity.

The sad thing is that this issue is costing American lives. Most of these deaths for nothing more than innocently listening to complete dumb shits.

You go to school for 22 years to argue with an internet troll. It boggles the imagination.
@Sivad No, at this point, that's you. Drlee has posted these already. Your cherry-picking isn't evidence of anything, either. You can always find some stupid cunt who believes in something stupid.
There is no point bickering.

Rarely do I approve of the internet being able to remember everything we’ve ever written, but this thread is one for posterity.

When all is said and done, and the science is settled (again), someone will dredge this baby up. And it’s all here. The antagonists, the protagonists, the establishment with suspicion and deception from both sides.
The camouflaged Authoritarian backdrop that the narrative was set against will be in full view and everyone will sigh “so that was the Asian Century”.

Save your breath Sivad. They’ve won. For now. ;)
Yes, reason, logic, and science win out against hyperbole, lies, and pseudoscience. That's how it works.
Science wins in the end. Fools can ignore the truth but it is still the truth.
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