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It is no secret that the United States is currently struggling with a severe drug epidemic. Drug overdoses are becoming more common due to the rise of synthetic drugs being distributed. The most common being fentanyl. Surprisingly, addiction mostly affects adults age 25-44, however, one cannot overlook the impact this can have on our children. This makes me ask the question for the sake of future generations: are drug prevention programs such as D.A.R.E. effective? Or is it time to take a different approach in hopes of preventing a fourth wave of addiction and overdoses?

It is my opinion that the education system needs to take a more aggressive, evidence-based approach when it comes to drug prevention. I believe more emphasis needs to be placed on the danger of prescription drugs, club drugs, opiates, cocaine and methamphetamine. I also think they need to be taught about the risks and dangers of using needles. The D.A.R.E. program I went through in elementary school was only a week long. I can't even remember what we were taught or learned about which is worrisome. Schools need to be more aggressive about teaching the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Assemblies should be required on a regular basis to keep our youth refreshed and reminded. Schools should also be required to provide easily accessible resources for students.

I believe knowledge is power especially when it comes to drug and alcohol education. Students need an in-depth look at the statistics- drunk driving accidents/deaths, overdoses/deaths, diseases caused by sharing needles, etc. They need to see and hear the harsh reality drugs and alcohol can create. I also believe it would be effective for students to hear stories from guest speakers who were affected by drug and alcohol addiction. While it is true that schools do these sort of things, I believe it is not done often enough. I also worry that may not have the funds or resources to educate our youth on the subject which is another troublesome issue that should be addressed.
All Recreational Drugs Must Be Banned.

Drugs used for recreational purposes are a huge threat to the survival of humanity. Drugs cause brain damage, a lower incentive of productivity and work, and morals of an animal. Drugs do NOT solve external problems, such as coping with domestic abuse, harassment, or the inability to cope with the fact that there is no afterlife. Doing drugs does not stop domestic abuse. Doing drugs does not stop someone from harassing you. And doing drugs does not stop death. In fact, drugs can bring one closer to death.

But there are two kinds of drugs that must be banned: Recreational drugs, and Religion. :lol:
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