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By KS757
The opioid crisis was declared a national public health emergency by President Trump in October of 2017. The Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse proposes to reduce over-prescribing opioids, restrict the flow of international/domestic drugs into our communities, and provide support for people struggling with addiction through treatment and recovery services.

Kellyanne Conway was announced as the president’s choice to lead the White House’s opioid crisis efforts in November of 2017. Kellyanne Conway, however, has ZERO experience in drug policy or enforcement. It begs the question: How serious is the White House about implementing positive and effective change in the opioid crisis by appointing Kellyanne Conway as the "Drug Czar?" The political appointees of her “opioid cabinet” have no more experience in drug policy or enforcement than she does. Americans have seen it before with the “War on Poverty” and “War on Drugs?” We know how those turned out. America's opioid crisis requires effective, professional and responsible policy-making and leadership.

America's dealings in the pharmaceutical, addiction and treatment industry is highly questionable:
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Recreational drugs are a threat to the survival of humanity for multiple reasons.

Drugs Make People Abusive And Corrupt - Drug users who have social power in society often abuse those around them immorally, manipulate them, and mock them out of false political correctness. Drug users have impaired senses of reality, so what they feel is right is usually wrong and abusive.

Drugs Impair Work Abilities - Drug users tend to be more lazy, have basic memory issues, develop health problems that affect their work abilities, and have driving issues (if they are delivery drivers, truck drivers, etc.). Drug users tend to miscoordinate or mismanage things.

Drugs Cause Pre Mature Death - This makes drug users have to retire earlier.
Not being someone who uses drugs, I found this pretty surprising:


Think about that the next time you hear a report about 1,000 pounds of fentanyl being seized...

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