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This is where the "I'm going to go out there and have lots of sex and nothing can stop me" mentality can lead.

It's a common mentality that's being pushed all around nowadays.

But it can have unforeseen consequences.

In this case, a teen boy got repeated administrations of a vaccine called "Gardasil" that is supposed to be designed to prevent a certain type of STD called papillomavirus, which is known for causing cervical cancer in women.

Mainly it's being marketed to the parents of girls to help prepare their daughter for when she becomes sexually active in her teens.

But Gardasil has been known or suspected to cause some extreme immune system reactions in rare cases that can lead to permanent life-long effects.

Here is the boy, before and after: ... 24x534.jpg

Lawsuit Filed Against Pharmaceutical Giant Merck on Behalf of Young Man Allegedly Injured by Gardasil

The law firm of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman filed a lawsuit Wednesday against pharmaceutical giant Merck on behalf of a young man, Zachariah Otto, who was allegedly injured by Gardasil, Merck’s HPV vaccine. The complaint seeks damages, including punitive damages, for negligence; strict liability (failure to warn); strict liability (manufacturing defect); breach of warranty; common law fraud; and violation of California’s unfair competition law.

Zachariah claims multiple Gardasil injections, which he first received at the age of 16, caused him to develop life-altering injuries, including dysautonomia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Orthostatic Intolerance, small fiber neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia, as well as a constellation of other serious health issues. POTS is an autoimmune condition that impacts the autonomic nervous system (which automatically regulates critical bodily functions) and the sympathetic nervous system (which is involved in the “fight or flight” response). POTS symptoms include fainting, migraine headaches and anxiety among many other serious conditions. ... -gardasil/

I wonder, who's decision was it to take these shots? Did the teen decide on his own?

Or did the mother push him into doing it?

Maybe as a way to help prevent him spreading this papillomavirus to other teen girls, if he ever got it, and thus helping to do their part to prevent them from getting cervical cancer?

They must have known, for some reason, that their teen boy was likely to go out there and be sexually active with many partners, otherwise why would he have gotten this regimen of shots?

It's also much more uncommon for boys to get this vaccine Gardasil than girls.

Here is another old old archived page from a blog about these problems appearing in teen girls:
'Robbed of their Womanhood' - Teens After Merck's Gardasil Shot ... asil-shot/

You think you can avoid the consequences with a vaccine, but in a twist of irony, the vaccine ends up ruining your life.

Come on, a normal child would not need to take a vaccine like this.
And if anyone says that is normal, well, that says a lot more about them and their parenting habits, and views on sex...

You know, maybe I'm just being old-fashioned and quaint, but in the old days a high schooler might only have one sexual partner... occasionally two, and very oftentimes none

What's happening nowadays that children are needing these vaccines? Are young teens going around now like swingers from the 70s?
The argument that essentially places blame on the victim/victim's parent is pathetic. There are places, such as Rhode Island, that have made this particular vaccination mandatory going into 7th grade; there are countries that have also mandated it for school attendance as well. This is NOT advertised as a free pass to be promiscuous; they design guilt trip advertisements and medical narrative that use cancer as a fear tactic-- they claim that vaccinating before your child is ever exposed/sexually active can prevent them from having different types of cancer later in their lives as well as their future sexual partner (including future spouse).


Here's another story:
Petition · Stop the HPV VACCINE. It killed my son! · ... led-my-son

Christopher Bunch, age 14, received the first dose of the HPV vaccine on June 29, 2018. Only 46 days later, he died on August 14, 2018.
He was taken to the Emergency Room on the night of August 8th. On the doctor's advice her was moved to Children's Hospital in Iowa City, where the doctors discovered he had encephalitis. A Neurologist then diagnosed him with acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a rare autoimmune disease marked by a sudden, widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Christopher went downhill fast, going into respiratory failure, paralysis to the left side of his body, and then started having seizures. He was treated with extremely high doses of steroids to combat the swelling in his brain. His case was so severe at this point that they had no other choice but to perform a craniotomy on the right side of his skull to help with brain swelling. His brain continued to swell and he ended up having a brain herniation.

Elijah Bunch wrote this about his son: "My son was only 14 years old, bright, smart, handsome, an awesome baseball player. He was on the honor roll and just 2 days from starting high school. He died as a direct result of the HPV VACCINE. My son should have never been given this medicine as he has NO CERVIX!"

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