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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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Oz has turned himself into a caricature of a health expert.

The Blaze is a Glenn Beck project that is trying to survive, and it's not really working.

You're scraping the bottom of the latrine here..
Dr Oz a guy who sells whatever for money. he's a snake oil salesmen, that is his primary occupation that he makes his money from. He'd say anything for money.

Strange how people who object to taking vaccines that go through extensive testing and approval have a poster boy who income is mainly form deitary supplements without any testing or approval process at all.

You against purring untested products in your body , and you think Dr Oz is the guy who is righteous about this?

Vaccines are tested and rigorously so. Products that Dr Oz flogs in his snake oil show are not.
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